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Israel Gaza Hamas Palestine Attack Hamas Shot At Toilets In Nova Music Festival

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Israel Gaza Attack: A scary video has surfaced amid the Israel-Hamas war. This video is of October 7, which has been posted by the Israeli Army on Instagram. The Israeli Army said, “Hamas terrorists near the Gaza border fired indiscriminately in the bathrooms during the Nova Music Festival. From this it can be inferred that Hamas does not care who they are killing.”

Rapid firing on washroom

In the video posted by the Israeli Army, it can be clearly seen that Hamas extremists were firing at washroom stalls located on the roadside. According to AP report, the Israeli army said that at least 260 people were killed in that music festival. A total of 1300 people, including foreigners, died in the Hamas attack.

Hamas air force chief killed

According to Gaza officials, 1,900 people from the Gaza Strip were killed in Israeli retaliatory air strikes, including more than 610 children. On Saturday (October 13), Israel said that it had killed Hamas’s air force chief Abu Murad in an air strike.

According to the Israeli Air Force, it shot down a group of terrorists attempting to infiltrate into Israel from Lebanon. The Israeli Air Force posted on Twitter, “The operational headquarters of the terrorist organization Hamas was attacked by an Air Force fighter plane. From there, Hamas terrorists used to manage aerial activities. During the Hamas attack on Israel, Hamas’s headquarters in Gaza City. The Air Force Chief played a big role.”

Warning given to millions of Palestinian citizens

Israeli Defense Force spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said that we have warned millions of Palestinian citizens to move towards South Gaza. The Israeli army has posted several war videos on social media after the Hamas attack.

After the Hamas attack, Israel is continuously carrying out ground and air attacks on the Gaza Strip. Israel is selectively targeting Hamas hideouts. On Saturday (October 13), Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas appealed to allow international aid into Gaza.

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