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Israel Gaza Hamas Palestine Attack Un Staff Send Video Message Asked For Help

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Israel Gaza Attack: After the Israeli army warned of ground attack in Northern Gaza, there is a race among the citizens to move towards Southern Gaza. Meanwhile, the United Nations branch working for Palestinian refugees has shared a video, in which the problems of its staff trapped in the middle of the war have been explained.

According to Hindustan Times, at least 12 United Nations employees were killed in the firing between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. The Israeli army on Saturday (October 14) warned Gaza residents to move south.

‘Death is certain’- UN employee sent message

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) shared a video clip on Twitter. In this video, the United Nations has shown the WhatsApp message of its employee Helen. It said, “None of us are okay. The entire intersection was bombed, there are more than 10 bodies lying there. We are going to die.”

UNRWA shared the video clip and wrote, “Please help us, the situation in the Gaza Strip is unbearable. These are the messages we are receiving from our UNRWA partners.”

UN employee said- send help

In another video, UNRWA employee Rawya Halas shared the horrific situation in Gaza. Rawya said, “The 15,000 Palestinian refugees also include diabetics, children and people with disabilities who left their homes without food and water.” Ravya said that she cannot meet the needs of all the displaced people.

UNRWA posted on Twitter, “The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is serious. Our colleague Rawya said that the people fleeing there are in dire need of food, water and medicine. People are dying without these things.”

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