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Israel Gaza Hamas Palestine Attack Where Is PM Benjamin Netanyahu Son Yair

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Israel Gaza Attack: The war continues between Israel and Hamas. There are fierce attacks from both sides but meanwhile, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains in the news. Netanyahu’s son Yair is also being discussed because he is camping in America amid the war. The Israeli Prime Minister and his son are being heavily criticized for this matter.

In fact, on one hand, 4 lakh Israeli youth are risking their lives fighting the war against Hamas, while on the other hand, Netanyahu’s sons are saving their lives and living a comfortable life in America. On October 7, Hamas fighters suddenly attacked Israel, in which about 1,400 people were killed. Since then, the Israeli army has heavily bombed Gaza, in which more than 5,000 people have been killed.

Israeli PM’s son’s photo goes viral

According to reports, Yair had moved to Florida earlier this year. Meanwhile, a picture of a 32-year-old man is going viral on social media, about which it is being claimed that he is the Israeli PM’s son Yair, who is enjoying on the beach. However, ABP News cannot confirm the authenticity of the picture viral on social media.

Netanyahu’s son is being criticized

According to the Times of Israel report, a young man who was ready to fight a war with Hamas said in a conversation that Yair is enjoying his life on the beach, while I am on the frontline. It is we who are leaving our jobs, our families, our children, to protect our families and country, not the people who are responsible for this situation.

Why isn’t he in Israel?

“I have come back from the states where I have a job, a life, a family. In this time of crisis, I have no way of staying there and leaving my country, my people,” said a soldier posted on the Gaza border. “No, but where is the Prime Minister’s son at this time? Why is he not in Israel?”

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