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Israel–Hamas War: 65 year old woman tricks 5 Hamas terrorists with coffee and cookies, Biden praises her

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Agency, Tel Aviv (Israel). US President Joe Biden, who visited Israel amid the Israel-Hamas war, met 65-year-old Israeli woman Rachel Adri. Hamas terrorists held elderly woman Adri along with her husband David hostage at their home for 20 hours in the Israeli attack on October 7.

During this time, showing his wisdom, Adri kept the Hamas terrorists entangled in his talks, until Israeli soldiers came to his house to save them. Seeing Hamas terrorists in his living room with grenades, Adri offered them coffee and cookies to trick them. At the same time, he kept the terrorists entangled in his talks until the Israeli forces arrived there.

Israeli elderly woman saved by police officer son

Rachel Adri was rescued by her police officer son in the Israeli attack on October 7, The New York Post reports. Adri was held hostage at his home by an armed Hamas terrorist for 20 hours, but as soon as Israeli forces arrived there, they killed the terrorist.

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Amidst the Israel-Hamas war, elderly woman Adri is in the news due to her wisdom. Let us tell you that Adri was one of the many Israelis invited to meet US President Biden during his visit to Israel.

Rachel Adri was taken hostage by 5 terrorists

According to the report of The New York Post, in the October 7 Israeli attack, 5 Hamas terrorists had held an Israeli couple captive at gunpoint. During this, Adri tried to distract them with food and conversation. Adri told that the terrorists were very angry and he had prepared coffee and cookies for them. During this time, Adri tied a bandage on the hand of one terrorist and was busy talking to the other one.

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