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Israel Hamas War: Hamas surrounded from all sides in the war, Gaza City surrounded by Israeli army

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AFP, Gaza Strip. The Israeli army is now engaged in all-out fighting in Gaza. It shelled northern Gaza overnight on Wednesday, as Israeli tanks continue to advance into Gaza City, while Hamas militants are resisting them.

Gaza’s Hamas-controlled media said 195 Palestinians were killed in the latest attack. Israeli soldiers are trying to have complete control over the Gaza Strip and especially the Hamas bases. Meanwhile, on Thursday, Israel said that Gaza City has been completely surrounded by troops.

Right now Israel is not thinking about a ceasefire: Daniel Hagari

“Israeli troops have completed the siege of Gaza City, the center of the Hamas terrorist organization,” military spokesman Daniel Hagari told reporters. He further said that at present Israel is not thinking about a ceasefire.

He further said, “We have advanced into another important phase of the war. The forces are in the center of northern Gaza. Our forces are concentrated in Gaza City. There is also a presence of troops around the city.”

Treatment halted in half of Gaza’s hospitals

A large number of Palestinian citizens have been displaced in the fighting between Israel and Hamas. The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said treatment at 16 of the 32 hospitals in the Hamas-controlled territory had come to a halt due to continued Israeli airstrikes and severe fuel shortages.

Turkish-Palestinian friendship hospitals have ceased operations, the ministry said in a statement on Wednesday, CNN reported. These are considered leading cancer hospitals. Palestinian Health Minister Ma’el Kalia said more than 70 patients were in critical condition in hospitals. Apart from this, the risk to more than 2,000 cancer patients has also increased.

Hezbollah claims, shot down Israeli drone

Iran-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah claimed on Thursday that it has shot down an Israeli drone with a surface-to-surface missile in southern Lebanon. According to CNN report, he took this action after seeing the drone flying near Daal-Malikiya and Hunin villages.

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