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Israel Hamas War: Hamas’s hostage game…people from many countries including Israeli soldiers are in captivity; Know what is the complete strategy

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Reuters, Reuters. Gunmen from the Palestinian terror group Hamas took at least 200 people hostage and killed about 1,400 during an attack on communities and military targets in southern Israel from the Gaza Strip on the morning of October 7. Israeli soldiers are also among those taken hostage. After the Hamas attack Israel air strikes on GazaHas responded by doing so, in which thousands of people have died. Israel has said that it will continue its actions until the hostages are freed and Hamas is eliminated.

Former Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal said on Thursday that the group holds a large number of Israeli military hostages, enough to negotiate the release of all Palestinian prisoners in Israel. Meshaal, the head of Hamas’ expatriate office, made the comments during an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya TV. Earlier, Meshaal said that Israeli prisoners of Hamas include senior officials of the Gaza Division.

At the same time, Israel has deployed tanks and soldiers on Gaza soil to eliminate Hamas. Israeli soldiers riding on tanks and armored vehicles are fully prepared to eliminate Hamas in Gaza. The ground offensive in Gaza could begin at any time. Hamas has suggested that the hostages could be exchanged for approximately 6,000 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

In 2011, 1,027 Palestinian prisoners were exchanged for the release of one Israeli soldier. Israel has said that the blockade of Gaza will not end without the freedom of Israeli hostages. The Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza is expected to open for limited aid deliveries from Friday.

How many hostages are there?

An Israeli official, citing military sources, said on Thursday that 200 people have been taken hostage in Gaza, including 30 minors and young children. While 20 people above 60 years of age are included. Whereas Hamas says that the number of hostages they have is between 200 to 250. More than 20 hostages have been killed in Israeli air strikes.

Where are the hostages hidden?

Israel says the hostages were taken to Gaza, but their exact whereabouts within the enclave are not known, making their rescue more complicated. It is believed that many more people may be being held in a network of tunnels beneath Gaza that Israeli soldiers call the “Gaza Metro”. Hamas released a video on Monday of Mia Schem, a 21-year-old French-Israeli woman, showing a medical worker treating a wound on her arm.

Which country are the hostages from?

The hostages include people from dozens of countries, including people of Israeli citizenship. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Tuesday that more than twenty Americans were missing. We cannot tell how many of them have been taken hostage. Republican Senator Jim Risch told reporters on Tuesday that 10 of the hostages were Americans.

Thailand says that 14 of its citizens have been detained. According to local media, eight Germans were also among the hostages. While Argentine President Alberto Fernandez said in a video call that 16 of his countrymen have been detained.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said, at least nine British citizens have been killed and seven are missing in this attack by Hamas. During a visit to Israel on Thursday, Sunak met the families of two of the missing. Who are believed to have been taken hostage and are being held in Gaza.

Seven people from France are missing, some of whom have been kept hostage. According to the Dutch government, Ofir Engel, an 18-year-old Dutch citizen, was abducted from Kibbutz Beri and taken to Gaza. While four citizens of Portugal and two citizens of Italy are missing.

Hamas’s armed wing said on 16 October that those who were non-Israeli would be released when conditions on the ground became favourable.

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