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Israel-Hamas War: If Hezbollah joins the war, Israel will suffer huge losses, Iran threatens to stop attacks

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AP, Beirut. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian on Saturday called on Israel to stop its attacks on Gaza. He warned that if Hezbollah joined the fight, the war could spread to other parts of West Asia and Israel would suffer huge losses.

Abdullahiyan told reporters in Beirut that Hezbollah was monitoring the war and that Israel should end its attacks on Gaza as soon as possible. Israel considers Hezbollah the most serious imminent threat.

Hezbollah has dangerous weapons

It is estimated that Hezbollah has about 1.5 lakh rockets and missiles. These also include missiles that can hit anywhere in Israel. The group also has a variety of military drones along with thousands of fighters.

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After the Hamas attack last Saturday, Hezbollah fighters are on full alert on Lebanon’s border with Israel. On Friday, Hezbollah said its fighters fired several rockets at four Israeli positions along the border.

What did Abdullahian say?

Abdallahian said he met with Hezbollah leader Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, who briefed him on the group’s conditions in Lebanon. They said,

Any step taken by Hezbollah in resistance would cause tremendous devastation in Israel.

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“I want to warn war criminals and those who support this force to stop their crimes against civilians in Gaza before it is too late,” Abdullahian said. It may be too late in a few hours.

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