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Israel Hamas War Iran War Exercise 200 Helicopters Middle East Third World War

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Iran Military Drill: Amidst Israel-Hamas war, Iran’s army has started maneuvers with 200 helicopters. Iranian media gave this information on Friday (27 October 2023). He said, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps started two-day military exercises in Esfahan as per a pre-planned program reportedly amid fears of war in the Middle East.

Iranian army commanders Amir Cheshak said in a conversation with Iran’s state media, ‘The whole purpose behind this mock drill is to warn Iran’s enemies. Let us tell you that these days there is a war going on between Israel and Hamas. Iran is openly supporting Hamas.

‘What message is Iran trying to send through the exercises?’
What message Iran is trying to send through its maneuvers can be gauged from the fact that at the same time when Iran’s army started its maneuvers, Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian issued a statement and issued an open warning to Israel. Were giving.

He said, ‘If Israel does not stop committing its war crimes on Gaza, then it may be forced to fight on many other fronts as well.’ He further said, ‘It may happen that its war crimes on Gaza take this war to a place where it becomes very difficult to stop it.’

‘Israel-Iran are staunch enemies’
Israel and Iran are considered staunch enemies of each other in the Middle East. Middle East experts also say that Tehran-Tel Aviv have progressed so fast in their enmity that to end it, Iran has joined hands with Hamas and is now also gathering open support for it. Not only this, he has even warned Tel Aviv for this.

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