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Israel Hamas War: Israel fighting a two-sided war, starts attacking Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon

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ANI, Jerusalem. Hezbollah fighters are on full alert on the Lebanese border after the recent attack by Hamas. Hezbollah had also carried out several attacks on Israel. At the same time, now the Israeli Army said in a statement early on Tuesday that Israel attacked Hezbollah terrorist bases in Lebanon overnight.

It said, the statement said that Israeli forces are attacking military bases of the terrorist organization Hezbollah in Lebanese territory. Since the war began with Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel on October 7, about 10 people have been killed on the Lebanese side in clashes along the Israel-Lebanon border, mostly fighters but also a Reuters journalist and two civilians.

Iran had said this

Earlier, Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahian on Saturday called on Israel to stop its attacks on Gaza. He warned that if Hezbollah joined the fight, the war could spread to other parts of West Asia and Israel would suffer huge losses.

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Hezbollah has about 1.5 lakh rockets and missiles

It is estimated that Hezbollah has about 1.5 lakh rockets and missiles. These also include missiles that can hit anywhere in Israel. The group also has a variety of military drones along with thousands of fighters. On Friday, Hezbollah said its fighters fired several rockets at four Israeli positions along the border.

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