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Israel Hamas War: Israel Was To Be Attacked, But This Terrorist Organization Fired Missiles At Egypt, This Is How The War Is Going On – Israel Hamas War: Israel Was To Be Attacked, But Houthi Rebels Fired Missiles At Egypt

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Now many terrorist organizations have also joined the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. To support Hamas in this, Hezbollah already started firing missiles in the northern part of Israel. Chechnya rebels also appealed to Muslim countries to support Israel. Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Force alleged that several missiles were fired at Israel last night by Yemen’s rebel terrorist organization Houthi. But this missile went to Egypt instead of Israel and injured many soldiers there. At present, in this matter, everyone from Egypt to Israel has demanded to take major action against Houthi supporters at the international level.

During the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, the process of firing missiles from Yemen has also started. The Israeli government informed that on October 27, Yemen’s Iran-backed terrorist organization Houthi fired a cruise missile towards Israel. But this missile lost its way and fell in Egypt near the border of Israel. According to Israel Defense Force officials, it fell in Taba, Egypt. More than six security personnel were injured there by this missile. According to the IDF, Iran-backed Yemen’s Houthi terrorist organization had earlier also fired missiles at Israel. But that attack was foiled by an American warship.

According to Israel Defense Force officials, the Houthis are pro-Iran. Like Iran, he considers Israel as his biggest enemy. At present, Israel has raised its voice at the international level regarding the missile fired by Houthi on Israel. The Israeli government has demanded from international agencies an explanation from Iran regarding this attack on itself. Israel condemned the damage caused to Egyptian security forces by missiles and drones launched by the Houthi terrorist organization with the intention of harming their country, Israel said.

In this entire matter, Israel Defense Force officials say that due to the manner in which terrorist attacks are being carried out on them, they are capable in every way to defend themselves. In this entire matter, US Defense Department Pentagon spokesperson Brigadier General Patrick Ryder has also given his reaction. Patrick said three land attack cruise missiles and several drones launched by the Houthi rebels were shot down. These deadly missiles and drones were shot down over water. The missiles were launched from inside Yemen and headed north along the Red Sea, he said.

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