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Israel Hamas War: ‘Israeli army will not stop until Hamas is eliminated’, PM Netanyahu said – I have confidence in my army

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Agency, Tel Aviv. The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on continuously for 28 days. The Israeli army is continuously attacking the Gaza Strip to eliminate Hamas. Meanwhile, on Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a big statement regarding this war. He said that the Israeli army is already present on the outskirts of Gaza and has achieved impressive success in its mission.

Took information about army activities

Addressing the Marom Brigade unit of the Israel Defense Force, the Israeli PM said that our army is moving forward and no one can stop it. During this, the unit commanders informed the Israeli Prime Minister about the activities of the army in recent weeks.

Apart from this, information about saving civilians in the war and eliminating Hamas as well as the training of sniper teams and emergency squads from across the country was also presented to the Israeli PM. The IDF also informed the Israeli PM about the training of security forces before the ground incursion into Gaza.

Israeli army is advancing in Gaza Strip

Prime Minister Netanyahu also took part in an exhibition of special equipment that Israeli forces will use in the fight in Gaza and other areas. Meanwhile, while addressing the soldiers, Netanyahu said, “I am here with the special units in the Marom Brigade who are performing their duties. The male and female military personnel fought bravely in this war. They saved people, stopped the enemy and Lost our comrades too. We are in the middle of a war. Our forces have been successful. Our forces are on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip and advancing.”

with the Israeli People’s Army

He further said that we have also suffered losses in this war, which is very sad because every soldier who is martyred in the war means the whole world to us. My heart is with their families. But I want to make one thing clear. We will not stop our actions to eliminate Hamas terrorists. We will move forward and win. I have confidence in our army and the entire people of Israel stand behind our army until victory.

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