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Israel Hamas War Know All About Al Aqsa Compound Structure History Significance Importance For Muslims Christians Jewish

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Israel and Hamas are currently thirsty for each other’s blood, the reason for which is the religious place Al Aqsa Compound. On October 7, 2023, when the militant group Hamas shelled Israel, its officials blamed the ongoing tension between Jews and Arabs. This also includes the old dispute related to Al-Aqsa. What is it in the Al Aqsa complex that there is so much conflict between Palestine and Israel, what are the religious beliefs about it, what is its history, who has control over it, who is allowed to go and who is not, and more related to the Al Aqsa complex. There are many questions, the answers to which are available here.

Where is Al Aqsa located?
The Al Aqsa complex is located in East Jerusalem. This area belongs to Israel. This complex has great recognition among Christians, Jews and Muslims. This complex is spread over 35 acres, which houses holy buildings associated with Christians, Jews and Muslims. There are mainly 6 holy places inside this complex. Muslims consider Al Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Rock and Dome of the Chain as their holy places. The Western Wall, the Temple Mount and the Holy of Holies are holy places for the Jews.

What is the history of Al Aqsa Compound?
Before the First World War, Gaza Strip, West Bank, Al Aqsa Complex, Israel, all of them came under the Ottoman Empire. By then Israel had not come into existence, but Jews lived here. The First World War ended, the Ottoman Empire ended and this entire part was captured by Britain. After the occupation, Britain pressed for separate residence for the Jews and in 1947 the United Nations passed a resolution. On May 1948, Israel became a separate country and Arabs were given 45 percent of Palestine’s land, while Jews were given 55 percent of the land. Britain also left Palestine. The very next day of Israel’s formation, Arab countries like Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan along with Palestine attacked Israel. In this attack Israel captured 72 percent of the land. The western part of Jerusalem was captured by Israel and the eastern part by Jordan. After this, in the 1967 war with the Gulf countries, Israel also captured East Jerusalem and the West Bank. In this way, the Al Aqsa complex came under him. Before this war, Jordan was in possession of the Al Aqsa complex. After the occupation of 1967, such an arrangement was made that Jordan would look after the management of Al Aqsa and Israel would be responsible for security. Only Muslims will be able to worship in the mosque. However, the Jews would be allowed to leave.

Which holy places of Muslims are there in the campus
Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock – Qubbatus Sakhrah are the main holy sites of Muslims. People often consider the circular golden colored dome seen in photographs to be Al Aqsa Mosque, but it is not so. Inside the Al Aqsa Mosque compound, there is a building built at a short distance from this golden colored dome. It was here that Prophet Mohammad offered Namaz during his night journey. The golden colored structure is called the Dome of the Rock. According to Britannica, there is a black stone or a rock inside this dome. It is believed that Prophet Mohammad went to heaven by climbing this rock. The Prophet went to heaven riding on a horse, whose name was Burak. This horse had flown to heaven from this rock. There is another similar structure near the Dome of the Rock, about which there are different beliefs. One belief is that when the Dome of the Rock was being built, it was built for the comfort of its labour. Some people who believe in Islam say that from here all the Muslims will get the license to heaven, those who can cross the chain will go to heaven and the rest will be rejected. At a distance of about thirty kilometers from Jerusalem, there is another holy place – Hebron, which is sacred to Muslims, Christians and Jews. Here is the tomb of Hazrat Ibrahim, his son, grandson and three wives.

Which holy places for Jews
There are two important sites for Jews, one is the Temple Mount and the other is the Holy of Holies. The platform built around Al Aqsa Compound is called Temple Mount. There is a part in the Temple Mount itself, which is called the West Wall or Wailing Wall. The Jews believe that there were two temples in their history, the First and Second. The first was destroyed by the Babylonians and the second by the Romans. One wall of the second temple still exists, which is called the Western Wall. Jews worship this wall. Behind this is Holi of the Holies. Jews stand near the wall and worship. They do not go inside it because they consider this place very sacred and they fear that it might become impure. Regarding the Western Wall, Muslims believe that Prophet Mohammad had tied his horse Burak here, hence they call this wall as Burak Wall.

What are the beliefs of the three religions about the places?
This place has great importance for Christians, Muslims and Jews. His prophets Abraham/Ibrahim, Dawood/David and Sulaiman/Soleyman, Ilyas, Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad had worshiped at this place at different times. Except Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad, all other prophets are revered by Christians, Muslims and Jews.

What is the belief for Muslims
According to BBC News, Muslims believe that Prophet Mohammed traveled from Mecca to Jerusalem in one night sitting on the horse Burak. He experienced a spiritual feeling in Jerusalem and offered Namaz here during his night journey. The place where he offered namaz is called Al Aqsa Mosque. Prophet Mohammad breathed his last here and traveled to heaven.

what beliefs of jews
Jews say that King Solomon had built temples here in 1000 BC, which were later demolished. Now only one wall is left. They say that the world was created from here and God created the first human being here. He also says that when Hazrat Ibrahim was ordered by God to sacrifice his most favorite thing, he brought his son Isaac here to sacrifice it. However, pleased with his devotion, God sent a messenger and sent this message to Ibrahim and asked him to sacrifice a sheep in place of his son.

What is the belief of Christians?
People of Christianity believe that Jesus Christ once gave his sermon in the city of Jerusalem, where the Al Aqsa complex is located. He was crucified in this city and was reborn here also. Because of this, Christians all over the world consider this place very sacred.

By what names is Al Aqsa known in different religions?
Muslims and Jews call Al Aqsa by different names. The names are also different due to their respective beliefs. Muslims call Al-Aqsa Al-Haram Al-Sharif or Nobel Sanctuary. At the same time, Jews call this Temple Mount. They believe that both their temples, the first and second temples, were built here.

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