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Israel Hamas War Know How It Is Moving Towards World War 10 Points Regarding Israel Palestine Conflict World Order

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Israel Hamas war: Palestine’s extremist fighting organization Hamas entered Israel on October 7 and started killing innocent civilians. Before that, about 5000 rockets were fired and hundreds of Israeli citizens were taken hostage and war was declared. After this, for the last 15 days Israel has been continuously attacking Hamas positions in Gaza Strip.

On the other hand, Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist organization in support of Hamas has also fired rockets at Israel and Houthi terrorists have also started attacking Israel in support of Hamas. Because of this, rumors of the third world war have intensified.

a staunchly anti-Muslim country

Even countries that are bitter rivals like Saudi Arabia and Iran have forgotten their enmity in this matter and have stood with Palestine and are showing an evil eye to Israel. On the other hand, America has stood with Israel and supported its action. It has also landed its war fleet in the Arabian Sea. Arms have started being supplied to Israel from America and NATO countries.

While America, one of the two most powerful countries in the world, is standing with Israel, Russia is demanding a ceasefire and advocating stopping attacks on Palestine. America has compared Russia with Hamas and described both as destroying regional democracy. In such a situation, the mobilization of these powerful countries around the world has once again increased the rumor of Third World War.

We tell you in 10 points why the war between Israel and Hamas is becoming a cause of concern for the whole world.

1. In the last 15 days since the Hamas attack, 4137 Palestinian civilians, including Hamas fighters, have died in counterattacks by the Israeli army.

2. Big Muslim countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia have stood with Palestine. Nine top commanders of Hamas have been killed in Israel’s counter-attack. A naval commander involved in the October 7 attack was also killed in an air strike by the Israeli Army a day earlier on Friday.

3. In the last 15 days, Hamas has fired 7 thousand rockets at Israel while Israel has dropped 9 thousand tons of bombs on Gaza. Due to this, 30 percent of the houses have been completely destroyed. Because of this, anger is increasing in Muslim countries.

4. Amidst the war, US President Joe Biden has compared Hamas with Russia and termed both as a threat to regional peace. After this, America has asked its citizens to be careful while traveling to any country in the world, which is a sign of threat to peace around the world.

5. Saudi Arabia has not yet jumped into this war but its statements are worrying. Arab Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said that the Israeli army’s attack on Gaza should be stopped immediately and Palestine should get the same share as it was in 1967.

6. Libya, another country in the Middle East, has also said that if the border is opened, it will send both army and weapons to help the Hamas fighters.

7. On the other hand, Israel is in no mood to stop the attack. Israel’s Defense Minister has made it clear that the war will continue until Hamas is eliminated.

8. Israel has a record that it can go to any extent for the safety of its citizens. Hamas is claiming to have killed 22 of its civilians taken hostage in the war. Hamas says that the hostages were killed by Israeli firing, but Hamas fighters are being accused of killing them.

9. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sent troops directly to the Lebanon border and the Israeli Defense Force is involved in the two-way war. On one hand Gaza is being attacked and on the other hand air strikes are being carried out on Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

10.America has announced to provide special funds to ensure that there is no shortage of weapons in Israel. Besides, two Iron Domes sent by Israel to America are also being brought back, which is a sign of the protracted war.

Let us tell you that about 1400 people have died in Israel due to Hamas attack. According to the United Nations (UN) report, 1524 children and 1444 women have died so far in Gaza. It is claimed that about 12,845 houses have been completely destroyed in Gaza. Due to the war continuing, the devastation will increase further, due to which anger will also increase and the danger of third world war will also increase.

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