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Israel Hamas War LIVE: Israel has made Gaza hell! UN employees are in fear, Japan will help

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Israel Hamas War LIVE: The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on for 11 consecutive days. Meanwhile, the Israeli army has once again started rapid air strikes in Gaza. The Israeli Air Force said that they killed Hamas intelligence chief Younis Khan in an airstrike. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has decided to visit Israel. He will reach Israel on Wednesday.

The war between Israel and the Palestinian extremist organization Hamas has been going on for 11 consecutive days. In these 11 days, more than 4000 people have died from both sides. More than 10 thousand people are injured. The war between the two started on October 7th. Hamas fighters had fired about 5 thousand rockets at Israel, after which Israel declared war and said that Hamas would be dealt a fate which it could not have even imagined. At the same time, due to interruption of water and electricity supply in Palestine, the lives of thousands of people admitted to hospitals are in danger. The United Nations has requested Israel several times to continue the supply.

Amidst this war, US President Joe Biden has decided to visit Israel. A few days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had invited Joe Biden for a visit. At the same time, many big countries of the world are trying in their own way to stop the war, which includes America, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. At the same time, Israel has instructed the people living in Gaza Strip to vacate the area. There is a possibility that Israel may now launch a ground attack on the Gaza Strip. However, US President Joe Biden said in an interview that Israel should eliminate Hamas. But do not think of gaining control over Gaza.

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