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Israel Hamas War missiles started floating in Red Sea Ayatollah Khamenei alert| Israel-Hamas War: Israeli missiles started floating in the Red Sea, Ayatollah Khamenei should be alert

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Israel Warns Iran: Amidst the Israel-Hamas war, the statement of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has come to light. He has appealed to Muslim countries to boycott Israel. Khamenei says that the governments of Muslim countries should stop the supply of fuel and other essential commodities to Israel. At the same time, Israel says that Iran plans to attack Israel. In such a situation, we are also ready to take retaliatory action. Iran will have to pay a heavy price for this.



Amidst the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, Ayatollah Khamenei says that Muslim countries should not forget that America, France and Britain have always stood against Islam. Palestinians will win this war.

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At the same time, the Israeli minister has threatened Iran and Hezbollah. He says if they support Palestinian militant groups they will ‘wipe them off the face of the earth’. Israeli Finance Minister Nir Barkat warned that he would eliminate Hezbollah if it continued to provide military support to Hamas, The New York Post reported.

Let us tell you that America, Britain and other countries consider Hezbollah a terrorist organization. It is believed that they have more weapons than Hamas and are capable of hitting targets even inside Israel.

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