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Israel-Hamas war: Why are thousands of modern armored vehicles and several lakh soldiers failing to rescue 200 hostages opns2

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The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on since October 7 last month. Israel is carrying out heavy bombing in Gaza in which more than 8800 people have died so far. According to the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, Hamas fighters have kidnapped more than 200 innocent civilians and are holding them hostage. In the name of rescuing them, Israel is carrying out a massive attack. At present, 28 days have passed but the Israeli army, with which America and the entire West keep pace, has not been successful in finding out where Hamas has hidden the hostages.

Search operation continues in Gaza. In such a situation, the biggest question that arises is what is it in Gaza that the Israeli army is still empty handed, why they have not been able to find any trace of even a single person who was kidnapped. Here we will try to know what is the real reason for this delay?

1-The first three campaigns against Hamas have also been unsuccessful

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Israel has announced to permanently destroy Hamas by launching ground attacks in Gaza. But this is not the first time that Israel is saying such things. Israel has clashed with Hamas three times since withdrawing from Gaza in 2005. Israeli forces entered Gaza in 2008, 2014 and 2021. Every time after Israel entered Gaza, Hamas has become stronger and stronger. Israel is involved in the largest-scale ground offensive since the 1982 Lebanon War, with armored vehicles including more than 1,000 tanks and 370,000 reserve troops. Still, there is no remote hope for the release of the hostages. Israeli Air Force is also wreaking havoc on Gaza. Despite this, the Israeli government is saying that the operation may take up to three months. This clearly means that the Israeli army has no idea about the location of the hostages. Along with this, despite the warning given to Gazans to vacate Northern Gaza, many Palestinians will be killed in the ground attack. If this happens, there will definitely be an adverse reaction from the Arab countries.

2-Complexity of Gaza

The situation in Gaza is very complex. In fact, it is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. About 2 million people live in an area 45 kilometers long and 6-10 kilometers wide in the southwest of Israel. Although Wikipedia states that the population here is only 6 lakhs. Israel controls its three sides and Egypt controls it in the south. Israel also controls its waters in the Mediterranean Sea in the west. There is every possibility that despite Israel’s overwhelming firepower, the ongoing ground offensive will be in Hamas’s favor. There has been large-scale construction in Gaza; huge ruins have been created due to Israeli Air Force attacks. Such areas are suitable to escape from attackers. These provide the ability to hide and disappear in a moment. Hamas fighters know the area, while the Israeli army is dependent on technology. Many types of weapons including drones and robots are there to help the soldiers in warning them. The Russian operation in Kharkiv and the American operation in Mosul and Baghdad are examples of this. Everyone also knows that it is difficult to deal with the landmines of terrorists in such areas. Hamas also has suicide bombers, who are going to overwhelm Israeli soldiers.

3-Fear of getting stuck in tunnels

It is being said that Hamas has built more than 500 kilometers of tunnels in Gaza. Hamas fighters are capable of attacking Israeli soldiers and disappearing. It is believed that hostages have also been kept somewhere in these tunnels. In their area, the wolf becomes more dangerous than the lion. Israel has stopped the supply of fuel to make these tunnels in Gaza useless. In fact, these tunnels depend on oil and electricity for ventilation and lighting. Israel hoped that due to lack of ventilation, the fighters would come out of the tunnels. But perhaps it seems that this assessment of the Israeli army is also proving wrong. Apart from this, Hamas still has a huge amount of rockets with which Hamas can attack at any time.

4-The longer the delay, the more difficult it will be to face global opposition.

If Israel does not succeed in controlling Hamas soon, it may have to face a lot of opposition at the international level. In this situation, Hamas’s prestige will increase at the global level. Since the Israeli army has already entered Gaza, Israel will have to continue the war no matter what heavy losses and delays its forces face. It is also possible that Israel puts its entire strength into Gaza. Hamas started attacking its civilian targets. Hamas wants this because civilian casualties have no importance for it. Whereas for the rest of the world it matters.

5-Afghanistan – Example of Iraq and Vietnam

It has been a very difficult task for the world’s largest army to wage war against another enemy country. Russia has not been able to conquer Ukraine with all its might. America has had to return from Afghanistan. They left by handing over power to the person they had come to destroy. America could never win the Iraq and Vietnam wars.

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