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Israel-hamas War:Netanyahu gave assurance to the families of the hostages, said- will adopt every option for release – Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Addressed Nation Says About Hostages

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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed nation says about hostages

Benjamin Netanyahu
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The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on for several days, in which more than 7500 people have died. Late Friday night, Israeli troops intensified air and ground attacks in Gaza. Israeli attacks continue in Gaza. Meanwhile, on Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared on TV and addressed the nation. His government is committed to the return of the hostages home. They are making every possible effort to bring the prisoners home. Netanyahu said that Israeli authorities will use every option to return the hostages home.

Relatives of people taken hostage in Gaza protested in Tel Aviv on Saturday. During this time, people were also holding placards in their hands, which had pictures of the hostages and it was written – Bring them home now. Netanyahu gave a televised speech after the protests. He said that the Israeli army has started ground attacks in Gaza. This fight will be long and difficult. Netanyahu met with representatives of the families of people taken hostage by Hamas in Kirya, Tel Aviv. Every effort will be made for the safe release of the hostages, he said. Hamas has taken more than 200 people hostage. Israel has also rejected the proposal to stop the attacks and release the Palestinians held in its jails in exchange for hostages. Everything will be done to bring people home safely.

Hamas attacked on October 7

Let us tell you, the war between Israel and Hamas continues. There is screaming everywhere. Since October 7, more than seven and a half thousand people have died in this conflict. At the same time, after Hamas, the Israeli army is also taking action and attacking without stopping.

These three reasons for the attack

Hamas said that this is revenge for Israel’s desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Hamas said that Israeli police had desecrated the Al-Aqsa Mosque by throwing a grenade at it in April 2023. The Israeli army is continuously attacking and encroaching on Hamas positions. Israeli army is attacking our women. Hamas spokesperson Ghazi Hamad has appealed to Arab countries to break all their relations with Israel. Hamad said that Israel can never be a good neighbor and a peaceful country.

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