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Israel Palestine Conflict Israel F-35 Fighter Shoots Down Cruise Missile Mid-Air – VIDEO: Israel’s F-35 takes first victim amid war with Hamas, shoots down cruise missile in mid-air

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The Israeli Air Force shot down an enemy cruise missile with an air-to-air missile launched from the fifth generation fighter jet F-35I Adir. This is the first operation of F-35 in the current conflict. Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) said that on the same day the Arrow Missile Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile System (ATBM) had intercepted a surface-to-surface missile in the Red Sea area.

Painful story of Gaza: Three generations of a family perished together, 42 people including a 3-month-old baby girl died.

mid air interception
Israel Defense Force (IDF) shared a video of this air-to-air operation on social media platform In the infrared imagery video, an F-35I fighter jet from the Adir formation is seen chasing a cruise missile operated by a turbofan engine.

The missile launched from Israel’s south-east was stopped by the Air Force’s control and detection system. This cruise missile was moving towards Israeli airspace. The system gave a signal. After this Israel immediately launched its fighter jet. Military expert and global open-source intelligence company Janes said in its report that this is the first attack carried out by such F-35I. The missile launched from the stealth fighter shot down a cruise missile.

After all, who is Hezbollah challenging Israel…?

It was claimed that the cruise missile, which was reportedly traveling at high subsonic speed, was intercepted and shot down by an air-to-air missile fired from the F-35I Adir.

More than 9 thousand people have died in the war so far
Since the rocket attack by Hamas on October 7, Israel has been carrying out continuous air strikes on Gaza. More than 9000 people have died in the war so far. Israel claims that these air strikes on Hamas targets are necessary before ground attacks. Meanwhile, the commander of the IDF’s co-operation unit told how the Israeli Air Force is giving “fire belts” to the soldiers. How they are being taught self-defense skills in the face of increasing air strikes.

“There needs to be a pause in the Israel-Hamas war”: Joe Biden amid calls for ceasefire

Israel surrounded Gaza city from all sides
The Israeli army has claimed that it has surrounded Gaza city from all sides. Now there is a direct fight with Hamas fighters. An IDF spokesperson said, “Our soldiers are attacking Hamas command centers, launching positions, tunnels and other targets with weapons and aircraft.”

According to ‘Times of Israel’, on Thursday the Israeli army killed about 150 Hamas fighters. About 23 IDF soldiers lost their lives in the fighting with Hamas.

Israeli army surrounded Gaza city, Hamas said – we will send everyone back in ‘bags’

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