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Israel Palestine Conflict LIVE: More than 1600 deaths so far, Israeli army attack intensifies, more than 400 Hamas bases destroyed

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Israel Palestine War: Clashes continue between security personnel and extremist organization Hamas in Israeli areas. So far, more than 1500 people have died from both sides in the attack that started on Saturday. More than 5 thousand people have been injured. More than 900 people from Israel alone have been killed. However, to avenge its people, the Israeli army has also intensified the attack. 680 Hamas people have died in the Israeli attack in Gaza Strip. Since the war was officially declared, the Israeli army has targeted 426 targets in the Gaza Strip.

Today is the fourth day of war between Israel and Palestine. Israel has deployed 3 lakh soldiers on its border. Israel Army issued advisory for citizens, asking them to stay in shelter homes for 3 days. Last Monday, the Israeli Air Force attacked several operational headquarters as well as various buildings where leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas were living.

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