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Israel:Hamas was preparing the attack for a year, even after knowing, know where the Israeli intelligence agency missed – Israel Hamas War Years Of Security Intelligence Failure Know How Terrorist Plan Biggest Attack On Jews

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It’s been almost a month since Hamas’s barbaric attack on Israel, but people are still unable to believe that such a big breach has occurred in Israel’s security. Especially when Israel has the world’s best intelligence agency like Mossad, but the negligence of the last one year cost Israel dearly. Yes, the attack on Israel was not the result of one day or one week of negligence by the intelligence agencies, rather the Israeli security forces remained unaware of the threat for the last one year.

Israeli intelligence agencies were negligent for a year

According to a New York Times report, Israel’s signals intelligence agency had stopped listening to Hamas radio signals because they felt that listening to them was a waste of time. If the Israeli intelligence agency had tracked these signals, it would have already known about Hamas’s intentions. According to the report, Ronen Bar, the head of Israel’s internal intelligence agency Shin Bet, feared an attack on Israel but believed it could be a small attack. Ronen Bar had discussed this with the top generals of the army and it was also decided to send anti-terrorist force to the border. However, by then it was too late and on October 7, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu
– Photo: Social Media

These mistakes cost Israel dearly

The Israeli government has promised to thoroughly investigate the security lapse, but preliminary findings have revealed serious negligence on the part of the military, political leadership and intelligence agencies.

According to the NYT report, Israeli army officers had been warning PM Benjamin Netanyahu for several months that the country’s enemies could take advantage of the political turmoil in the country. Besides, the country’s security is also weakening due to this political turmoil, but Netanyahu did not pay attention to this.

Israeli army officers misjudged the threat. In fact, the Israeli army believed that Hamas was not capable of attacking Israel and that Israel was in greater danger from Hezbollah and Iran. This was the reason why the focus of Israeli intelligence agencies and army remained on Hezbollah and Iran and meanwhile Hamas surprised them by attacking.

PM Netanyahu did not meet top army generals
On July 24, two top army generals went to the Israeli Parliament to meet PM Benjamin Netanyahu. These military generals warned the Israeli lawmakers about the possible danger, but the Israeli lawmakers showed no interest in this warning of the military generals. Also, a top Israeli military general was going to meet PM Netanyahu to warn him about the danger, but PM Netanyahu refused to meet the general. After this, the military general publicly warned the people about the increasing threat to the security of the country, but the government criticized the general’s statement and said that it will spread panic among the people.

Hamas terrorists during the attack on Israel
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This is how Hamas fighters dodged Israeli security

The Israeli army was also aware of the military activity being carried out by Hamas terrorists, but they considered it to be only a maneuver by Hamas. At the same time, the Israeli Army also had to pay the price of its arrogance because the Israeli Army had built a 40-mile long fencing on the Gaza border and this fencing was monitored with state-of-the-art cameras and sensors. Somewhere the Israeli army was confident that Hamas would not make the mistake of attacking in this way, but Hamas, shattering this confidence of Israel, attacked these fencing with drones and destroyed the cameras and sensors. After this, Hamas terrorists easily broke this fencing and entered the Israeli border in vehicles and motorcycles.

Hamas terrorists attacked Israel in small groups on the lines of Hezbollah. Besides, he had complete knowledge of the areas of Israel and the small villages present on the Gaza border. These troops were given fixed targets, which is why even Israel did not realize the seriousness of this attack.

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