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Israeli Army Surrounded Gaza City, Hamas Said – We Will Send Everyone Back In Bags – Israeli Army Surrounded Gaza City, Hamas Said – We Will Send Everyone Back In Bags

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New Delhi:
The war continues between Israel and Hamas. Meanwhile, news is coming that the Israeli army has surrounded Gaza city from all sides. Let us tell you that the Israeli army has been fighting a ground battle in Gaza for the last several days.

Important information related to the case:

  1. Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said that Israeli troops have completed the siege of Gaza city, the center of the Hamas terrorist organization. There seems to be no possibility of talks on ceasefire between the two sides.

  2. The recent development comes in the backdrop of US President Joe Biden calling for a humanitarian-based pause in the fighting for a “temporary, local” cessation of hostilities.

  3. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is on another diplomatic tour of the Middle East. During this, he said that we will talk about concrete steps that can and should be taken to reduce harm to men, women and children in Gaza.

  4. As fighting continues in northern Gaza, hundreds of injured foreigners and citizens with dual citizenship have crossed into Egypt via the Rafah border crossing. The Egyptian Health Ministry said 21 injured Palestinians and “344 foreign nationals, including 72 children” had arrived in Egypt yesterday.

  5. In the West Bank, two Palestinians were killed during a ground operation by Israeli forces. These deaths are in addition to three others killed in Israeli army firing on Thursday.

  6. The Israeli military is pushing to free about 240 hostages, including both civilians and soldiers, who were taken by Hamas during the October 7 attacks. America is also flying drones over Gaza in an attempt to find people taken hostage.

  7. Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah group claimed on Thursday that it had attacked 19 Israeli positions along the border ahead of a speech by its leader Hassan Nasrallah.

  8. Hamas-run Gaza’s health ministry said 9,061 people had been killed since the October 7 attacks, including 3,760 children.

  9. Israel targeted Gaza’s largest Jabaliya refugee camp twice in two days, killing hundreds of people. Israel said two Hamas military leaders were killed in airstrikes on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  10. Amidst the Israeli attacks, the United Nations said that these attacks are fatal. And this may fall into the category of war crimes. Given the large number of civilian deaths and the scale of destruction following Israeli air strikes on the Jabaliya refugee camp, we are deeply concerned that these are disproportionate attacks that could amount to war crimes.

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