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Israeli Strikes in Gaza: ‘Seven hostages killed in Jabaliya camp in Israeli attack’, claims Hamas terrorists

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Reuters, Dubai. Hamas has seriously accused Israel of killing hostages. Hamas’s Al Qassam Brigades said on Wednesday that Israel attacked the Jabaliya refugee camp, killing seven hostages (civilians).

Hamas claims – seven killed in Israeli attack

Hamas says three foreigners were among the seven killed in the Israeli attack. According to the information, Hamas had taken 239 people hostage, out of which four civilians have been released so far.

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Major action by Israeli army in Gaza

Let us tell you that the Israel Defense Force took major action on Tuesday in the form of a ground attack in Gaza. In this action, Hamas terrorists were targeted in West Jabaliya located in the northern Gaza Strip.

50 Hamas terrorists killed in Israeli attack

About 50 terrorists were killed in this attack. According to the IDF, the area where the attack took place was used by Hamas to train its terrorists.

According to the information, Israeli soldiers collected information about the tunnel shaft, weapons and military equipment and destroyed it.

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