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IsraelPalestineConflict Could Lead To Third World War If Israeli Authors Caution On Gaza War – If conditions remain like this, Third World War…: Israeli writer Yuval Noah Harari on war in Gaza

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New Delhi:

The war between Israel and the Palestinian organization (Israel Palestine Conflict) Hamas has been going on for 10 days. So far, more than 4 thousand people have died in the war from both sides. According to the Israeli Defense Force, 199 people are in captivity of Hamas fighters. Earlier this figure was said to be 120. Amidst the war, Israeli writer and historian Yuval Noah Harari said that the Israel-Gaza war could probably become a regional conflict on a large scale. Due to the war in Ukraine and the current situation, geopolitical tension can spread to more countries, due to which the Third World War can also break out.

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In an exclusive interview with NDTV, Israeli bestseller author Yuval Noah Harari said, global instability has increased after the Covid-19 pandemic, war in Ukraine and now the war between Israel and Gaza. There is a danger of more countries getting involved in the Israel-Hamas war. “This could ultimately lead to situations that could lead to global war.”

Noah Harari further says, “Usually in such situations, the system is being destroyed. It is being replaced by anarchy. This has been happening for the last 5 to 10 years. We can see it in more countries today. The reason for this is There was also Covid. The Russian attack on Ukraine is also a part of it.” Noah Harari is a well-known historian, philosopher and author of many books. His book ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ has been a bestseller.

Noah Harari said, “What’s happening right now in Israel and Palestine is a part of it. If we can’t restructure the system, it will get even worse. It will spread all over the world. This will lead to World War III.” “Maybe. With the use of weapons and now existing technology could lead to the destruction of the human race.”

Meanwhile, thousands of people are missing in Israel’s attack on Gaza. It is feared that they may be buried under the debris. At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has denied the reports that a ceasefire had been agreed upon at the Rafah crossing in southern Gaza. At present, the Rafah crossing is the only way to evacuate Gaza.

In the war that started on October 7, so far 2450 Palestinians have died in Gaza due to Israeli attacks. These include more than 724 children and more than 370 women. At the same time, about 1400 Israelis have been killed in the Hamas attack.

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