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Israel’s ‘Triple War’ on Gaza, 600 Hamas hideouts destroyed… Female soldier also rescued – Israel ground operation military appears to be approaching Gaza City from three sides NTC

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Israel’s ground action against Hamas has started in Gaza. According to the New York Times report, the Israeli army is entering Gaza from three sides. In the pictures, videos and satellite images that are emerging, Israeli armored vehicles are seen increasing in northern and southern Gaza. On the other hand, the Israeli army has also destroyed Hamas hideouts in the West Bank. Israel has also continued air strikes in Gaza, in such a situation its tanks and armored vehicles are easily entering Gaza. Israel has destroyed more than 600 Hamas positions in Gaza in a ground operation.

The Israeli army is conducting ground operations in the Palestinian territory with tanks and armored vehicles. The Israeli army attacked the northern city of Gaza from both sides on Monday. The Israeli army said that it has so far destroyed 600 Hamas targets in ground operations in the Gaza Strip. On the other hand, due to the ground operation, the crisis of civilian fuel, food and water in Gaza has started deepening.

8306 killed in Israeli attacks

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Four Hamas commanders were also killed in the Israeli airstrike. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, 8306 people have died so far in the continuous attacks on the Gaza Strip. These include 3457 children and 2,136 women. While 21,048 have been injured.

Israeli army spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said, in recent days we have increased military activities in the Gaza Strip. Additional forces including Infantry, Armored Corps, Combat Engineering and Artillery Corps are entering the Gaza Strip. According to Admiral Daniel, dozens of fighters were also killed in ground and air force action; these fighters were hiding in the building and trying to attack the advancing security forces in Gaza.

Israeli army is killing such Hamas fighters

According to the Israeli Army, the ground forces are advancing on the ground. These security forces identify Hamas bases and fighters on the ground. After this, these bases are being destroyed in air strikes. Apart from this, ground forces are also directly combating Hamas fighters. This fight is going on in Gaza Strip. Admiral Daniel said that aggressive activities will intensify in the coming times.

He said, freeing the hostages is our highest national mission. Our ground activities in the Gaza Strip serve this purpose, among other things. The hostage issue is not just a national issue. This is a global issue. Children, women and the elderly, Israelis and citizens of other countries are held hostage by an organization that has committed war crimes.

Israel freed the female soldier

Earlier, Israeli security forces on Monday freed the female soldier held hostage by Hamas on October 7. According to the IDF, a female soldier was rescued from the clutches of Hamas after an overnight operation in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli Defense Forces and Shin Bet security agency said the female soldier, Ori Megidish, was fine and had been reunited with her family. The IDF said that it was rescued during a ground operation by the Israeli army.

Megidish was an observation soldier who was taken hostage by Hamas after the attack on Israel’s Oz base on October 7. However, Shin Bet and the IDF did not provide further information about their rescue operation. The Israeli Army believes that giving information about such operations could affect future operations.

On October 7, Hamas created a massacre in Israel. More than 1400 people have died in these attacks. Apart from this, Hamas fighters had taken at least 243 civilians hostage and were taken to Gaza. Of these, four have been released by Hamas.

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