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Jawan Box Office Collection Day 16 Shah Rukh Khan Jawan Sets To Break Pathan India Collection After Gadar 2 On Friday

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Jawan Box Office Collection Day 16: After Gadar 2, Shahrukh Khan's Jawan sets out to break the collection of Pathan, earned only this much on Friday

Jawan Box Office Collection Day 16 How much did Jawan earn?

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  • Jawan Box Office Collection Day 16
  • How much did the soldier earn on the 16th day?
  • Soldiers ready to leave Pathan behind after Gadar 2

New Delhi:

Jawan Box Office Collection day 16: The weekend has started with the end of Friday. But it doesn’t seem to be doing anything special for films because there was no significant jump in the earnings of Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan this week. But with its consistent earnings, Jawan has moved ahead, leaving behind the Indian collection of Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2. At the same time, Shahrukh Khan is now preparing to break the Indian collection of his own Pathan which will be released in the beginning of 2023. It is expected that Jawan will also make this record in his name by the third weekend. Let us tell you how much Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan has earned in 16 days.

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According to the initial data of box office tracker Sachnilk, on Friday i.e. on the 16th day, Jawan has earned only Rs 7 crore, after which the box office collection has increased to Rs 532.98 crore. This figure has crossed 938 crores worldwide. Talking about India gross, the film has earned Rs 632.25 crores. Talking about Pathan, Shahrukh Khan’s film had earned Rs 543 crore in India, which will achieve Jawan this weekend.

If we look at the collection of two weeks, the film earned Rs 75 crore on the first day, Rs 53.23 crore on the second day, Rs 77.83 crore on the third day, Rs 80.1 crore on the fourth day, Rs 32.92 crore on the fifth day, Rs 26 crore on the sixth day, Rs 23.2 crore on the seventh day and Rs 21.6 crore on the eighth day. , after which the first week’s collection was seen at Rs 389.88 crore. After this, the film earned a collection of Rs 136.1 crore in the second week by collecting Rs 19.1 crore on the ninth day, Rs 31.8 crore on the 10th day, Rs 36.85 crore on the 11th day, Rs 16.25 crore on the 12th day, Rs 14.4 crore on the 13th day, Rs 9.6 crore on the fourteenth day and Rs 8.1 crore on the fifteenth day.

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