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Jawan Trailer Release Date: Date Locked, Countdown Begins; Big bang will happen just 7 days before the release of the film!

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Shahrukh Khan Jawan Release Date: Fans were waiting for this moment for a long time and now it has finally been revealed that when the trailer of Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan is going to be released. The countdown has started and just 7 days before the release of the film, this big bang is going to happen. The release date of Jawan’s trailer has been locked and that date is 31st August. That is, after exactly 3 days the trailer of the film will be in front of you.
The preview of Jawan was shared a long time ago, in which a small but explosive glimpse of the film was seen. This one glimpse made the fans crazy. Since then its trailer is eagerly awaited and now finally it is going to be released this month.

The film will be released on 7 September
While talking about the film, it is going to be released on 7th September. Regarding which tremendous craze is being seen on social media. From its preview to its songs, it has created a blast. The film is preparing to stun overseas even before its release. It is reported that Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan will also be shown on the world’s biggest screen in Germany and it will be the first Indian film to be released there.

Shah Rukh Khan’s double role in the film?
Now the question is whether Shah Rukh Khan is going to have a double role in the film. Ever since the preview of the film has come out, different speculations are being made about its story. It is being said that Shah Rukh will be in a double role in the film. One character will be positive and the other negative. Now how true this thing is, it will come to the fore on 7th September. At present, Shahrukh is busy promoting the film through social media.

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