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Jeffrey Dahmer Deaf Victim, Tony Hughes: Why Was He Killed?

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In this article, we will delve into the heartbreaking story of Tony Hughes, who became one of the unfortunate victims of the notorious American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. We will explore Tony’s life, his tragic end and the portrayal of his story in the Netflix series, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,”

Tony Hughes: Jeffrey Dahmer’s Deaf Victim Tony Hughes, born on August 26, 1959, fell prey to Jeffrey Dahmer, making him the 12th victim of this terrifying serial killer. According to the FBI, Tony was both deaf and mute. Tragically, he lost his hearing at a young age due to the side effects of medication he took as a child. After graduating from the Wisconsin School, Hughes moved to Madison, where his life took a dark turn.

A tragic end At the age of 31, in 1991, Tony Hughes suffered an unfortunate fate. His life was snuffed out just two days before Dahmer committed another heinous act by killing Konerak Sinthasomphone, a 14-year-old boy who briefly escaped Dahmer’s clutches but was later returned to his apartment by the police. Tony and Dahmer met at the Milwaukee 219 club, where Tony asked for a ride to Dahmer’s place with three of his friends.

While in the back seat, Tony wrote letters to Dahmer, discussing plans to invite the whole group for drinks at Dahmer’s apartment. However, Dahmer insisted that he only invited Tony. Tony communicated this to his friends in sign language and they seemed to understand. Amazingly, Tony didn’t seem afraid of Dahmer. He had no idea of ​​the horrors that awaited him.

On that terrible night, Dahmer brutally murdered Tony Hughes and left him unattended on the bedroom floor for days. Suspicion arose when Sopa Princewill, the building manager, noticed a foul odor wafting from Dahmer’s unit. This eventually led to the discovery of Hughes’ remains in Dahmer’s apartment in July 1991.

Netflix Series: Illuminating Tony’s Tragedy In the sixth episode of the Netflix series, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” titled “Silence,” Anthony Tony Hughes, a deaf victim of Jeffrey Dahmer, is in the spotlight. Viewers get a glimpse into Tony’s life, played by deaf actor Rodney Burford, who is also a former reality TV personality. The episode vividly depicts how Tony lost his hearing as a child when his doctor prescribed him the wrong medicine while he was battling pneumonia, a fact previously shared by his mother.

This episode delves deep into the struggles and challenges faced by a deaf person like Tony Hughes. It sheds light on the brutality of his murder by Dahmer, revealing the tragedy that befell him.

Shirley Hughes Criticism of Netflix Series Shirley Hughes, now 85 years old and still grieving the loss of her son, Tony Hughes, joins a growing group of individuals whose families were victims of Jeffrey Dahmer. Netflix’s dramatization of Dahmer’s murderous rampage in Milwaukee was heavily criticized. In an interview with The Guardian, Shirley Hughes expressed her concerns about the series.

Shirley Hughes admitted she hasn’t watched the entire Netflix series, but she feels it doesn’t accurately portray the events surrounding her son’s murder. She questioned the way the show portrayed tragic events and found it challenging to discuss Tony’s brutal murder, eventually ending the conversation.

Conclusion The tragic story of Jeffrey Dahmer’s deaf victim, Tony Hughes, serves as a grim reminder of the heinous crimes committed by this serial killer. As the Netflix series tries to shed light on the lives of Dahmer’s victims, it has faced criticism from family members like Shirley Hughes, who say the true horrors of their loved ones’ deaths should not be sensationalized for entertainment. Tony Hughes and the other victims of Jeffrey Dahmer deserve to be remembered for the lives they lived, not the gruesome ends they suffered at the hands of a ruthless killer.

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