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Jewish Matchmaking Couples Name

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The world of Netflix dating shows has introduced us to matchmakers like Aleeza Ben Shalom, who strive to connect Jewish singles with their soulmates without the need for dating apps. But after the cameras stopped rolling, where are these couples now? Let’s dive into the news about the fan-favorite “Jewish Matchmaking” couples.

Noah and Tav

Noah’s journey included meeting Alyssa and Gabriele before finally encountering Tav. Unfortunately, there were no sparks with the first two because of the red flags. However, his bond with Tava was undeniable. Despite the challenge of long-distance relationships, Noah and Tav still follow each other on Instagram, hinting at a friendly relationship.

Nakysha and Evan

Nakysha, a motorcycle enthusiast, first met Ryan. Although they enjoyed each other’s company, there was no spark of love. In came married DJ Evan, who seemed like a promising couple. Although their Instagram profiles don’t show them together, Nakysha’s love journey might continue.

Ori and Karin

Ori’s selective nature about looks has given way to a deeper desire for true chemistry. A flirtatious first date with Karin caused optimism, but the status of their relationship remains a mystery. We will be watching Ori’s search for true love.

Dani and Shaun

After a disappointing date with David, Dani found love at first sight with Shauna. Despite the distance between Miami and New York, they stayed connected on Instagram. The video, which hints at the continuation of their friendship, encourages fans to hope for a lasting relationship.

Harmony and Ben

Harmonie, a strong-willed woman, was looking for true love and attraction. Ben seemed like the answer, with shared interests and values. However, Harmonie’s Instagram suggests she may be single, leaving fans curious about their status.

Stuart and Pamela

Stuart’s journey took him from Hope to Pamela, but they don’t follow each other on Instagram, which casts doubt on the longevity of their relationship.

Noah and Ophir

Noah’s previous marriage ended due to pressure, which is why he sought Aleeza Ben Shalom’s help in finding a partner. Although Ophir seemed promising, they do not interact on social media.

Fay and Shaya

Fay, a successful therapist, was looking for a partner who shared her values. She quickly bonded with Shaya, but religious and lifestyle differences led to an amicable parting. Despite this, they remained on good terms, and continue to follow each other on Instagram.

As the lives of these “Jewish fusion” couples unfold, some maintain relationships while others venture down different paths in search of love. The journey continues for these singles, filled with hope and the possibility of finding the perfect partner.

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