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Joe Metheny: The ‘Baltimore Cannibal’ Who Turned Human Victims Into Hamburgers

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Joe Metheny’s story stands out even among the world’s most notorious criminals. While his crimes have been overshadowed by others like Dahmer and Pickton, his is a horror story – a serial killer turned cannibal.

The Grisly Acts

Metheny confessed to the murder of 13 people, although the police were able to verify only three. Shockingly, he confessed to turning his victims into hamburgers and selling them in Baltimore, a revelation that shook the nation.

Troubled past

Metheny’s childhood was marred by loss and adversity. The loss of his father at a tender age and the strained relationship with his mother cast a shadow over his formative years.

Conflicting narratives

His memories of foster homes and a turbulent upbringing contrast sharply with the story of his mother, who described how she struggled to provide a stable life for her children. The differences in their stories add layers of complexity to Metheny’s troubled history.

Military service and descent into dependence

After enlisting in the US Army, Metheny’s life seemed to take a different direction. However, his Vietnam tour became a turning point, allegedly introducing him to heroin, setting him on a dangerous path of addiction and detachment.

A mother’s lament

His mother’s disturbing words echoed the tragedy of her son’s downward spiral, crediting drugs as the catalyst for his tragic transformation, noting how distance and addiction led him astray.

Conclusion: A tale of horror and sorrow

Joe Metheny’s story is not only about the gruesome crimes he committed, but also a story of pain, loss and broken family ties. It stands as a haunting reminder of the devastating effect of addiction and the horrors that develop when darkness engulfs a troubled soul.

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