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Johnny De Phillipo’s journey, Job And Reality

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Johnny De Phillipo gained recognition for his appearance on ABC Bachelor. But his journey does not end there. It returns to our screens, this time Bachelor in Paradise for Season 8. Johnny’s Time Bachelor was anything but ordinary as the season featured not just one, but two Bachelorettes, adding an exciting twist to the show. Although he developed a relationship with Gabby Windey, he ultimately decided he wasn’t ready to commit to the show in 2022. Now he’s giving love another chance Bachelor in Paradise. So, let’s dive deeper into the life of this reality TV star and find out what Johnny De Phillipo does in his daily life.

Meeting Johnny

When Johnny debuted on Bachelor In 2022, he was 25 years old. According to his ABC profile, he hails from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Described as a “relaxed, simple man”, Johnny’s primary aspiration is to find true love. His profile also highlights his large Italian family and his passion for activities such as surfing and travelling.

Johnny’s day job

Interestingly, despite his adventures in the reality world, Johnny has a regular day job. Surprisingly, his childhood dream was to become a rapper, but life took him on a different path. He now works as a realtor. His LinkedIn profile reveals that he is a Realtor with “The Florida Home Team at Compass Florida LLC.” This position was his focus for more than a year. Prior to joining Compass Florida, Johnny worked as a health insurance agent for just over two years.

Return to the world of reality TV

While things between Johnny and Gabby didn’t quite work out Bachelor, does not give up the search for love yet. In the eighth season Bachelor in Paradise, Johnny seems to have formed a strong bond with his co-star, Victoria Fuller. With almost 30,000 followers on Instagram, he has become recognizable on social networks. For those who want to follow his journey, you can find Johnny De Phillipo online and follow him @johnnydephillipo.


Johnny De Phillip’s journey is a testament to the unpredictability of life. Although he initially wanted to become a rapper, he found his footing in the world of real estate, all the while making a name for himself in the realm of reality TV. As he continues his search for love further Bachelor in Paradisefans are eagerly anticipating the next chapters in the life of this real estate professional and reality TV star.

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