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Jon Batiste Early, career and personal life

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For seven years, Jon Batiste’s musical talent graced The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, winning the hearts of fans. However, recently his absence from the show has raised questions. A new bandleader has taken over the reins, leaving viewers wondering where Jon Batiste is and if he’ll be back. Let’s uncover the story of Jon Batiste’s journey on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Jon Batiste: The Early Years on Stephen Colbert’s Show

Jon Batiste’s collaboration with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert dates back to its inception in 2015. For seven seasons, he held the role of bandleader, a key position in which he performed alongside the band Stay Human in every episode. Born in Louisiana in 1986, Jon grew up in a family dedicated to music. He honed his skills at Julliard, and in 2005 began performing with Stay Human, a band he formed with his Julliard classmates.

The departure of Jon Batista

In 2022, Jon Batiste made a significant announcement that left fans surprised and curious. He revealed that he will be stepping down from his bandleader role on Stephen Colbert’s show. His last appearance on the show took place in August. According to Rolling Stone, Stephen Colbert expressed support for Jon’s decision, stating that she was motivated by her desire to continue sharing her art with the world.

In addition to his musical endeavors, 2022 also brought Jon personal milestones. He tied the knot with Suleika Jaouad, a year marked by both joy and challenges, while his wife battled cancer after being diagnosed at the beginning of the year.

Louis Cato takes the helm

After the departure of Jon Batiste, a new chapter has begun in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In August 2022, it was officially announced that Louis Cato would take over the role of band leader. Louis Cato’s presence on the show became permanent in September, with him and The Late Show band now taking center stage on weekdays.

However, in November, some sharp-eyed fans noticed that Louis was out of place on the show. He later explained on Instagram that he was dealing with a bout of COVID-19, but assured viewers that he would return to his role.

In support of cancer fighters

Amid changes in his career and personal life, Jon Batiste and his wife Suleika Jaouad have shown resilience in the face of adversity. Sulejka’s battle with cancer since her diagnosis in early 2022 has been a challenging journey for the couple. Their courage and strength inspired many.


Jon Batiste’s absence from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans. While the band’s new leader, Louis Cato, has taken over the reins, Jon’s departure is a reminder of the evolving nature of television. His decision to step down was driven by his desire to continue sharing his art with the world, and his personal life changed significantly after his marriage to Suleika Jaouad.

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