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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 What Happened to Maki in Shibuya?

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In the thrilling Shibuya Incident of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Maki Zenin faced a life-threatening situation. Attacked by the dreaded Jogo along with Nanami and Naobit Zenin, Maki’s fate hangs in the balance. In chapter 144 of the manga, it is later revealed that Maki survived the intense conflict, but not without severe scarring and a drastic change in appearance.

Marks of battle

Maki’s body bore witness to a fierce battle – extensive burns and noticeably shorter hair, probably from burning or cutting. After the incident after Shibuya, Maki’s journey took a dark path. The Zenin clan, thrown into turmoil after Naobita’s death, set a trap for Maki upon her return, orchestrated by her own father.

Sister sacrifice

In the midst of family turmoil, Maki found herself in a fierce battle against her own relatives. It was her sister Mai who made the ultimate sacrifice to save Maki. Unlocking Maki’s full potential, Mai’s selfless act freed Maki from the last remnants of her cursed energy. This touching moment fueled Maki’s determination in a unique mission – the destruction of the Zenin clan.

Ruthless Resolve Unleashed

Mai’s sacrifice marked the beginning of Maki’s transformation into an unrelenting cold-blooded fighter. The once determined Maki has evolved into a ruthless force, eliminating her entire clan, including her father and the fearsome Naoya Zenin. This tragic turn of events revealed a revenge-obsessed Maki, sparing no one in her quest for revenge.

Maki’s Unforgivable Journey

The aftermath of the Shibuya incident prompted Maki to undergo a radical transformation. The loss of her sister and betrayal within her clan shattered any lingering remorse, turning Maki into an unstoppable force. Driven by a burning desire for revenge, she embarked on a gruesome journey, transforming from a determined fighter into a cold-blooded killer.

A formidable opponent

Maka’s newfound strength and unyielding determination made her a formidable opponent. The narrative of Jujutsu Kaisen revolved around this pivotal moment when Maki, driven by grief and revenge, systematically eradicated every member of the Zenin clan. Her character’s terrifying metamorphosis created a ripple effect, leaving an indelible mark on the anime’s story.

Single-minded pursuit

Maki’s single-minded quest to avenge her own family marked a turning point in the series. Her ruthless actions, devoid of mercy, showed the depth of her transformation. The destruction of the Zenin Clan not only highlighted Maki’s evolution, but also added a layer of complexity to the overall story of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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