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Justin Jedlica Husband: Meet Human Ken Doll Partner Jayson McNaughton

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We are here to talk about a famous person, Justin Jedlica. He was often in the news, not only for his plastic surgeries but also for his partner. Justin Jedlica is known as the “human Ken doll” due to numerous plastic surgeries. People are curious to know more about his partner or husband and we have the answers for you. So, let’s dive into the story.

Spouse: According to available information, Justin Jedlica is married to a man named Jayson McNaughton. People often talk about his connections with Jayson McNaughton and another person named Stephen Waldenor, which has attracted a lot of attention. However, the focus here is on his marriage to Jayson McNaughton. This couple has a strong partnership and have faced many challenges together, making them a high-profile celebrity couple. Stephen Waldenor is also a part of Justin’s social circle, giving us a glimpse into the vibrant social life of “Ken the Human Doll”. Now, let’s dive deeper into the story.

Justin Jedlica’s love life: Justin Jedlica openly stated that he is gay and happily in a relationship with Jayson McNaughton. They have been together for several years, and their love story is well known to their fans and the media. They often attend events together, showing their strong bond. Their relationship has passed the test of time and that is why they have been together for many years. We will share more important details about their relationship soon.

More About Justin Jedlica: People are also curious about Justin Jedlica net worth. His net worth is estimated at around $5 million. Born on August 11, 1980 in Poughkeepsie, New York, he is an American who is known as “Ken the Human Doll”. His profession is modeling and he makes good money from it. He is open about his sexuality and has openly expressed that he is gay. Justin is doing well in his modeling career and we have already shared his net worth and details about his partner. If we find more details, we’ll share them with you here. Therefore, follow the news.

Conclusion: In short, Justin Jedlica, “Ken the Human Doll”, is married to Jayson McNaughton, and their partnership has been going on for several years. They are a well-known couple in the public eye. Justin is also a successful model with a net worth of around $5 million. He is openly gay and proud of it, making a name for himself in the modeling world. You can always count on us for any additional information about Justin Jedlica and his life.

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