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Kangana Ranaut praised Jawan Movie and called Shah Rukh Khan God of Cinema. ‘Queen’ recited ballads in praise of Jawan, calling him ‘God of Cinema’ and said such a thing

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Kangana Ranaut and Shah Rukh Khan: The craze of Bollywood’s King Khan’s film Jawan is blowing everyone’s mind. Even Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut has not been able to stay away from the craze of Jawan and along with the film, she has also sung ballads in praise of Shah Rukh Khan. Actress Kangana has recently praised the film Jawan and its team on social media. Among the praises, Kangana has called Shahrukh Khan the God of Cinema.

Kangana Ranaut praised Shahrukh Khan!

Kangana Ranaut Instagram has posted a story on Instagram on the very first day of the release of the film Jawan. In the post, Kangana has congratulated the entire team of Jawan. Kangana also praised Shahrukh Khan and wrote – ‘Fame as Lover Boy in the nineties, trying to reconnect with his audience after mid-life career struggle for about 10 years and now at the age of 60. Has emerged as the mass superhero of India in approx. He is no less than a megastar in real life, I also remember the time when people ignored him and made fun of his choices.

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Kangana called Shahrukh Khan the God of Cinema!

‘Shahrukh Khan’s struggle is a master class for all those actors who are enjoying long careers, they have to establish their connection with the audience again. Shahrukh Khan is the God of cinema whom India needs, not just for hugs or dimples, but to save the world. Salute to your perseverance, hard work and humility, King Khan.

The soldier broke many records on the first day

The sound of Shahrukh Khan’s film Jawan is being heard all around. Jawan (Jawan Box Office Collection) has broken many records on the very first day. If reports are to be believed, the film has earned Rs 75 crore at the Indian box office on the first day. Out of which Rs 65 crore has been earned from the Hindi release. According to reports, Jawan has done a business of more than Rs 100 crore worldwide.

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