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Karan Johar Revealed That Twitter Users Used To Abuse His Kids So He Left The Social Media Platform

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Karan Johar's children were abused, people used to say bad things, fed up the film maker...

Karan Johar

New Delhi:

Karan Johar had left Twitter some time ago. After this step, fans and followers were surprised as to why Karan did this. Now finally Karin has revealed her real reason for leaving Twitter i.e. The film maker recently told in an interview that he decided to do this after he read wrong things and abuses about his children on the X platform.

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Karan said, “It (leaving Twitter) was a conscious decision that I took when I read abuses towards my children on that platform. When this happened I was very shocked. Abuse me…say whatever you want. He also misbehaved with my mother. My mother is old. It was very sad for me to see all this. When I took this decision, my children were five years old. Now I will not go back to this platform for anything. My company is on this platform. I know the importance of Twitter but I don’t want to be on this platform. I don’t want to read anything about my kids. Karan said in an interview with Mid-Day, “I am heartbroken not only as a parent but also as a human being.”

Karan also clarified that he did not leave Twitter due to claims of nepotism. “It is not that I have stopped casting people from the industry or that I have distanced myself from Alia Bhatt’s talent. I didn’t listen to anyone. I just left a forum. It had nothing to do with what I was saying. It was about my children. I couldn’t read it. Anyone who is a parent will know that this is something you will never accept. You can listen to anything but you cannot listen to anything against your child. I don’t know who to fight, right? They don’t have names, they don’t have faces. Let us tell you that Karan is a single parent of twins Yash and Roohi. He became a father through surrogacy in 2017.

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