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Keeping SP on ‘hold’, Congress again ‘calls’ BSP, this is the option after RLD gets separated from the opposition alliance.

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Jitendra Sharma, New Delhi. The chessboard that was being laid against BJP in Uttar Pradesh for months got shattered in the middle. Relying on its influence in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and holding the hand of RLD for western equations, SP is negotiating the conditions in the alliance. Congress will now blame Jayant Choudhary’s departure from INDIA.

Congress put SP on hold

Due to limited options, nothing is being said openly right now, but instead of immediately resolving the seat sharing issue with SP, the story behind putting it on hold is coming to light that by keeping SP on ‘hold’, Congress strategists have Efforts for a compromise with BSP have once again been intensified.

Preparation to convince Mayawati

If Mayawati agrees, there will be an attempt to push SP on the backfoot and Congress will claim more seats. INDIA alliance was busy in balancing the equations for the 80 parliamentary seats of Uttar Pradesh for the last several months. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav had put the condition of leadership of the alliance on the plea of ​​his party’s support base in UP.

What will be the strategy after RLD disintegrates?

While talks were going on with the Congress, on his part he announced to give seven seats to his alliance partner Rashtriya Lok Dal and while giving consent on 11 seats to the Congress, he also unilaterally declared his candidates on 16 seats. Congress was uncomfortable with this stance of Akhilesh, but gave the message that talks are going on with SP in a positive environment.

There was internal discussion that Congress was ready to compromise on 15-16 seats. Meanwhile, suddenly Jayant’s closeness to BJP increased and while reacting to the announcement of Modi government awarding Bharat Ratna to Chaudhary Charan Singh, he openly said that he is going into alliance with BJP.

What condition had SP placed before RLD?

Earlier, as soon as the talks started between BJP and RLD, it came to light that Akhilesh wanted to field his candidates on three or four out of the seven seats given to RLD, on which Jayant was not ready. SP had the same stand with Congress including RLD, due to which Congress stopped the seat sharing talks with SP for the time being.

Now, even after confirming the separation of RLD, Congress’s silence is coming out in a different form. A senior Congress leader said that the high command has refused to give any statement yet, but the party has asked SP to withdraw from RLD. Is assuming responsibility. It is also being thought in this direction that if RLD leaves INDIA, the opposition equation for Western Uttar Pradesh is bound to get worse.

How can BJP be challenged?

In such a situation, BJP can be challenged only by uniting Dalits, Muslims and Yadavs with the help of BSP. Therefore, senior party leaders have again activated the dialogue with BSP. Negotiations are going on continuously. The message has been given that the talks are in a positive direction. The party leader says that if Mayawati still does not agree, then Congress will now claim to contest on more seats than SP, including four out of seven seats allotted to RLD.

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