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Kim Jong Un considers missiles as toys know what is the difference between supersonic and hypersonic Kim Jong considers missiles as toys, know what is the difference between supersonic and hypersonic

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Supersonic Vs Hypersonic Missile: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is on a visit to Russia. Although he sanitizes before and after sitting on the chair, he carries a portable toilet with him so that the world does not get inside information about him, but when it comes to weapons, he conducts missile tests as if he is bursting a balloon. . Almost every month, South Korean newspapers report such news that Kim has conducted a missile test. Sometimes there is also news of the missile falling into the Sea of ​​Japan. Amidst all this, when Russia showed Kim its stockpile of nuclear weapons along with Hypersonic Missile, you must be curious as to what is the difference between Supersonic Missile and Hypersonic Missile.



what is missile
It is a rocket propelled weapon which is aimed at a target at very high speed, in which no soldier is required to be physically close to the target. Its speed is equal to the speed of sound. Through this, targets can be hit from a distance of 10 km to 10 thousand km. When it has the capability to hit targets from one continent to another, it is called intercontinental ballistic missile.

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What is supersonic missile?
Any missile whose speed exceeds the speed of sound is kept in the category of supersonic missile. Can you stop a supersonic missile, the answer is something like this. Aegis SBT is currently the only existing technology with the help of which supersonic/hypersonic missiles can be stopped.

What is hypersonic missile?

Any missile whose speed is at least five times the speed of sound is kept in the hypersonic category. This means that every hypersonic missile is supersonic, but not all supersonic missiles will be hypersonic. The speed of a hypersonic missile is so high that it is very difficult to find, track and capture it. They hit their target accurately. Currently, America, Russia and China have hypersonic missiles in the world. With the help of Russia, Bharak is engaged in upgrading the BrahMos missile. Apart from this, western countries are also working towards making hypersonic missiles.

who is ahead russia or china

The question here is who has the most hypersonic missiles. Due to Russian missile attacks in Ukraine, Western countries think that Russia has the most hypersonic missiles, but America believes that not Russia but China has the most hypersonic missiles. .

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