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Kiran Rao reveals people still call her Aamir Khan wife, says would be depressed by being reduced to just a wife

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Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan got divorced two years ago. In the year 2021, both of them got divorced with mutual consent. The relationship of 16 years had completely broken, due to which even the fans were shocked. Perhaps this is the reason why people still call Kiran Rao as Aamir Khan’s wife. Kiran Rao recently talked about this in an interview. Kiran Rao said that she has to remind people again and again that she is no longer Aamir’s wife, but his ex-wife. She feels as if she has lost her identity by becoming Aamir’s wife.

Kiran Rao is in the news these days about his new film ‘Missing Ladies’. He is currently busy promoting this film. In this connection, she also talked about her relationship and divorce with Aamir in an interview given to ‘Zoom’. Kiran Rao’s first meeting with Aamir Khan was on the sets of ‘Lagaan’. Kiran Rao was the assistant director in Aamir’s film.

‘People call Aamir’s wife, I correct myself by calling him ex-wife’

On being called Aamir Khan’s wife even after divorce, Kiran Rao said, ‘I am often asked. Even now at the airport people say, ‘You are Aamir Khan’s wife, right?’ He might not even know my name, but connects me directly to Aamir. I have become addicted to it now. But I have to correct her by calling her ex-wife.

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‘Everyone should have their own identity and space in marriage’

Kiran Rao further said, ‘However, I am not bothered by it now, because personally, I have always had my own choices, had my own friends and have lived life as per my own. I feel that everyone should have their own identity and space in marriage. This is very important.

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‘If I had remained a wife, I would have gone into depression’

Even though Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan are divorced, both are taking care of their son Azad together. Kiran and Aamir became parents of son Azad through surrogacy. Apart from this, Kiran Rao is also Aamir’s partner in his production house. Kiran said that Aamir is amazing as a production partner because he gives you creative freedom. Kiran Rao said, ‘Everyone looks at me from the perspective of either wife or ex-wife. If I had not had so much faith in myself, and remained just a wife, I would have gone into depression. But I laugh a lot thinking about it. Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan got married in 2005. Even though they are divorced, both still stand together for the family.

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