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Kishor Bajaj: Remembering the Entrepreneur and His Family

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In this article we will share information about Kishor Bajaj, his wife and their family. Kishor Bajaj, an Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist, recently made headlines for his death on March 17, 2023. He was an extraordinary person who made significant contributions throughout his life. Many people are looking for details about what happened to Kishor Bajaj and who is his wife. Let’s delve into the article to learn more.

The Life and Legacy of Kishor Bajaj

Kishor Bajaj was a famous Indian entrepreneur and business executive. He was the proud owner of the Bajaj Group, a conglomerate with diverse interests in various sectors. Apart from his business endeavours, Kishor Bajaj was deeply committed to philanthropy. He founded the Kishor Bajaj Foundation, which has played a key role in supporting charitable causes related to education, health and community development. His contribution to society was commendable and left a lasting impact.

Kishor Bajaj’s Marriage and Family

Kishor Bajaj’s personal life included a loving family. He was a married man and shared a beautiful bond with his wife Kintu Bajaj. Kintu Bajaj actively participated in the restaurant business of KA Hospitality, showing her own strength in the business world. She was known for her active involvement in various sectors, mirroring her husband’s dedication.

Support for women’s empowerment

Kintu Bajaj was not only a supportive spouse but also an advocate for women empowerment initiatives. She collaborated with companies and organizations dedicated to promoting women’s interests. Her dedication to these endeavors demonstrated her passion for making a positive impact on society.

Private life and social media

Despite their prominence, both Kishor and Kintu Bajaj have kept their personal lives private. They were not active on social media platforms and their social media accounts could not be traced. This choice to keep a low profile reflects their focus on work and family.

Children of Kishor and Kintu Bajaj

The couple was blessed with two children and their daughter, Kresha Bajaj, is a famous fashion designer. Kresha often shares her amazing works on her Instagram account, where she has amassed a significant following. He seems to be living in his home country, India. In addition to her fashion endeavors, Kresha is also a social media influencer, using her platform to connect with her audience.


Kishor Bajaj’s legacy as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist will be remembered for years to come. His contributions to various sectors and his commitment to charitable causes have left an indelible mark. Kintu Bajaj, his supportive wife, shared his commitment to creating change, especially in women empowerment initiatives. Their children, including the talented fashion designer Kresh Bajaj, continue to carry on the family legacy. Although they have maintained a private life, their influence on society remains a source of inspiration.

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