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KK Pathak is planning to crack down on teachers again, new crisis may come on upgraded middle school, know the whole thing – kk pathak is planning to crack down on teachers again kk pathak big decision bihar education department

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Patna: In Bihar, the drawer of the desk of KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department, is filled with copies of orders for teachers. Every now and then they take out one of them and create a ruckus. KK Pathak sometimes makes strict rules regarding the time of teachers coming and going to school and sometimes they use scissors on their holidays. In order to increase the attendance of students, if an order is issued to cancel the enrollment, then in a wholesale manner they cancel the enrollment of students who do not come to school for 1 consecutive day. Not only this, he also targeted coaching institutes, which are outside the government purview. Teachers are also angry with the rules they have made for the competency test for permanent and government jobs as special teachers. Now a difficult situation is going to arise for those teachers who have been selected by Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC).

Controversial decision on competency test

Bihar government has put a condition for the employed teachers to become government teachers that they have to pass the competency test. Teachers who do not pass the exam in three attempts will be removed. The employed teachers are angry due to this. They have been protesting for the last several days. Teachers have also planned to siege the assembly on 13th February. To stop the employed teachers from protesting, an order has also been issued by KK Pathak that an FIR will be lodged against those teachers who will leave the school and take part in the protest. In this regard, the Education Department has already sent a letter to all the District Magistrates. Despite this, the teachers demonstrated and are adamant on gheraoing the assembly.

Employed teachers should not be afraid of the competency test, KK Pathak said – questions will not be asked like BPSC.

Employed teachers have got support

Teachers organization has also now come in support of the employed teachers. Primary Teachers Association convenor Raju Singh says that according to the teacher employment rules, a provision has been made for employed teachers to remain in the job till the age of 60 years. This is a highly condemnable decision. This order is contrary to the teacher employment rules. Soon the union will take this decision to the High Court. Time and again the teachers employed by the Education Department are being harassed with different decisions. Now a condition has been laid for the employed teachers to pass the competency test. Three chances will be given for the examination. If you do not pass, you will be fired from the job. The competency test is going to be conducted by Bihar School Examination Committee. He has been entrusted with this responsibility. Teachers are so angry with this decision of the Education Department that they have started protesting. They are also preparing to challenge in the High Court. There are about four lakh employed teachers in Bihar.

KK Pathak IAS: KK Pathak is an expert in turning his back as soon as the wind changes, see the example of the leniency of the strict ACS of the Education Department.

Sword hanging on BPSC teachers

Right now the education department is busy preparing for another decision. KK Pathak’s preparation is that the teachers selected from BPSC will be posted in rural areas. They will not only be tasked with teaching the children, but will also be given the responsibility of bringing the children from home to school and ensuring their regular attendance. There are many schools where there are neither buildings nor students. In such a situation, teachers are going to face a difficult situation. The preparation of the Education Department is that the enrollment of students in the newly upgraded secondary schools in Bihar is to be done by 30th September. If students are not enrolled in these schools, they can be closed. Teachers of such schools will be posted in other secondary schools. Teachers appointed in the third phase from BPSC will also be posted in schools without students. He will be responsible for the search and enrollment of students. If students do not enroll, those schools will be locked. Till now, there are instructions to conduct enrollment drives only in such secondary schools. KK Pathak has a clear instruction that even if the number of students in newly upgraded secondary schools is zero, teachers of all subjects should be posted in those schools. The number of teachers can range from 10 to 15. In schools where enrollment is currently zero, instructions have been issued to conduct enrollment drives in classes 9 and 10 by the end of September. There are instructions to conduct enrollment drives for students in classes 11th and 12th in higher secondary schools also.

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