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Leaving Amrapali, Nirahua’s heart fell on this beauty, showered her with immense love, fans went crazy after seeing her style.

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Nirahua or Akshara Singh Romantic Video: Bhojpuri superstar and BJP MP Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua is very active in politics as well as music industry. These days, he is entertaining his fans a lot through his new songs. Most of the actor’s songs have been seen with his favorite Amrapali, but this time he is adding a romantic touch with Bhojpuri’s female star actress Akshara Singh. These two stars of the regional industry have brought a new song for their fans, in which the hot chemistry between them is visible.

The pair of Dinesh Lal Yadav aka Nirahua and very beautiful actress Akshara Singh is being liked a lot by the audience. At the same time, their loved ones and their fans become very happy after seeing them. Meanwhile, a Bhojpuri song of these two popular stars is going viral on social media. Because their romantic dance and dance can be seen in this video.

Fans are liking Nirahua’s love chemistry with Akshara.

Actually, a Bhojpuri song (Nirahua -Akshara Bhojpuri Songs) ‘Tani Dekhal Kari’ by actors Nirahua and Akshara Singh is gaining a lot of discussion on the internet. In this, the love chemistry of these two stars is looking so solid that you too will lose your senses after seeing it. The amount of praise he deserves in this viral video is too little. Like this, our fans are also praising her beyond limits by commenting on her video. In this viral video, it can be clearly seen how both of them are romancing and their dance also looks very impressive. This viral video has been shot at night. In the video, actress Akshara is showing her charming style in both traditional saree and suit.

Paatar Kamariya song of ‘Jaan Lebu Ka’

Actually, in this video clip Nirahua is seen in a very simple and sober style. The audience can watch this Bhojpuri song on SRK Music Bhojpuri YouTube channel. However, this viral video has received more than 2.8 million views. In this song video, Akshara Singh is looking very slim and full of beauty. Whose expressions are robbing the hearts of many fans. At the same time, Nirahua is also seen romancing with Akshara after seeing her killer and charming style.

Let us tell you that this is the latest viral song from the film ‘Jaan Lebu Ka’. This song is sung by Om Jha and Priyanka Singh. Also, this song is getting a lot of love and support from the Bhojpuri audience.

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