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Love is Blind: Japan – MeetTthe Men

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Netflix brings a new dose of romance to your screens with the arrival of the movie “Love Is Blind: Japan”. In this unconventional dating show, 24 singles embark on a journey to find their soulmate without ever seeing the face of their potential partner. With the premiere just around the corner, it’s time to introduce you to a diverse and intriguing cast that will win your hearts.

Love Is Blind: Japan – Meet the Men

Thirteen eligible bachelors, each with their own unique backgrounds and careers, are ready to dive into the world of blind love. Here is a brief overview of the men’s lineup:

  1. Takumi (23): Former officer of the Naval Self-Defense Forces
  2. Jinya (26): Hairdresser and makeup artist
  3. Yudai (23): Male hairdresser
  4. Mori (37): Cosmetic dermatologist
  5. Šuntaro (56): Consultant
  6. Odacchi (31): Comedian
  7. Atsushi (42): Company owner
  8. Sho (28): Owner of a design firm
  9. Misaki (31): Baseball coach in Kenya
  10. Ryotaro (32): Hairdresser
  11. Ryoga (30): Real estate agent
  12. Mizuki (29): Restaurateur
  13. Wataru (38): Executive

Love Is Blind: Japan – Meet the Women

Although the women are slightly smaller, these 11 extraordinary ladies are determined to find their perfect match:

  1. Toshie (39): Aromatherapy instructor
  2. Midori (30): Business planner
  3. Motomi (27): Advertising seller
  4. Minami (26): Architect
  5. Eri (32): Fitness trainer
  6. Ayano (30): Corporate worker
  7. Maki (34): Yoga instructor
  8. Nana (31): Expert in online marketing
  9. Priya (27): Entrepreneur
  10. Kaoru (31): Singer-songwriter
  11. Nanako (35): Former ballet teacher

Shooting locations

The captivating journey of “Love Is Blind: Japan” takes place in two stunning locations. Tokyo, a bustling metropolis, serves as one of the primary filming locations, with scenes shot at Toho Studios. This iconic studio has also been home to big movies like Godzilla, making it an ideal backdrop for the show.

Additionally, Yomitan provides a striking contrast with its serene beauty. Filming took place at the luxurious Hoshinoya Okinawa Hotel, showcasing Japan’s natural splendor. Viewers will enjoy the beautiful skyline of Tokyo and the enchanting landscapes of this stunning country.

Prepare to be immersed in a whirlwind of emotions, drama and, of course, love as “Love Is Blind: Japan” takes you on a romantic journey like no other. Don’t miss the chance to witness this extraordinary quest for love unfold on your screens.


With an exciting mix of characters and beautiful filming locations, “Love Is Blind: Japan” promises to be an amazing addition to the Netflix lineup. Prepare to experience the ups and downs of love as you explore the vibrant culture and landscapes of Japan. Whether you’re a fan of reality TV or just looking for a unique love story, this show is sure to capture your heart. So, mark your calendars and turn on “Love is Blind: Japan” on Netflix for a delightful dose of romance and fun.

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