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Love is Blind star Andrew Liu shows off ferocious photograph skills on Instagram

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While the third season of “Love Is Blind” takes us into a whirlwind of emotions, one of the contestants who caught our eye is Andrew Liu. While Andrew’s journey on the show has had its ups and downs, what’s going on in his Instagram world? Let’s dive into the life of Andrew Liu, Director of Operations with a passion for wildlife photography.


Meet Andrew Liu: director and photographer

Andrew Y Liu, 30-year-old director of operations, is not just about business. His Instagram reveals his deep love for wildlife photography. The show highlights his connection to photography, particularly in Kenya, where many of his stunning photographs originate.

As for matters of the heart, Andrew’s Instagram post suggests that “constant cuddling” is the key to his affection. On the other hand, he is not a fan of people who rely on others to solve their problems before trying to solve them on their own.


Andrew’s Rollercoaster on “Love Is Blind”

Andrew’s journey on the dating show has been nothing short of dramatic. He initially formed a relationship with Nancy Rodriguez in capsules, but she later chose Bartise Bowden over him. The rejection visibly upset Andrija, and he shared his feelings on camera.

During a moment of heartfelt conversation, Andrew is seen wiping away tears and asking the crew for permission to continue. Although he continued the interview, it is clear that he was deeply affected by the situation.


Exploring Andrew’s Instagram

Andrew’s Instagram offers a unique look into his life. You can follow him at @a.curious.ape, where you won’t find typical reality show selfies. Instead, he treated his 14,800 followers to breathtaking black and white wildlife photos.

Although he doesn’t post pictures of himself often, his profile picture on Instagram looks like a promotional picture from the movie “Love Is Blind”. It also features story highlights tagged ‘Love Is Blind’, allowing fans to follow his journey on the show.

As for the future, who knows what Andrew might add to his Instagram account after the show ends? It’s the platform to watch if you’re curious about his adventures after “Love Is Blind.”


Andrew Liu’s Instagram reveals a side of him that might not be immediately apparent on the show. His passion for wildlife photography and his journey on “Love Is Blind” add layers to his character, leaving fans intrigued by what lies beyond the lens of reality television.

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