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Lucknow: Bribe taking accountant caught red handed, started pleading, anti corruption team dragged him away, VIDEO – Lucknow bribe taking accountant caught red handed anti corruption team dragged him away video viral lclam

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There was a stir in Sadar Tehsil of Lucknow when the Vigilance team caught an accountant red handed while taking bribe. It is alleged that the accountant was demanding a bribe of Rs 15,000 for getting the status certificate made. Then the vigilance team caught him. The accused accountant was taken into custody from the tehsil itself. During this time the accountant was pleading. The people in the vigilance team dragged him away. The video of the incident is going viral on social media.

According to the information received, the name of the accountant caught by the Vigilance team is Avinash Chandra Ojha. It is alleged that accountant Avinash had asked for bribe in the name of proof of status. The victim complained about this to the Vigilance Department. After receiving the complaint, the Vigilance team raided the tehsil yesterday and caught the accountant red handed.

It is being told that a person named Aman Tripathi had to get the status certificate made. For this he had contacted Sadar Tehsil Accountant Avnish Chandra Ojha. But in lieu of getting the status certificate made, accountant Avneesh demanded Rs 15,000 from Aman Tripathi. Due to which Aman became a complainant and complained to the Lucknow Vigilance team. On which the department took action. Vigilance team has received bribe money from the accountant.

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The accountant was pleading, the team took him away

The video of accountant Avinash Ojha, who was caught red handed while taking a bribe of Rs 15,000, is going viral. In the video, Avinash is seen using his hands and legs to free himself from the vigilance team. At one place he sat on the ground and said – ‘I will not go, I did not take the money.’ He was pleading continuously.

The Vigilance team forcibly picked him up and made him sit in the car. At present, a case has been registered against the arrested accountant Avinash Ojha in Lucknow sector of Vigilance Wing of Uttar Pradesh.

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