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MAFS star Chris Collette finally got the ‘happy’ romance he wanted

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In the unpredictable world of reality TV and marriage at first sight, Chris Collette embarked on a journey to find love. Until his union with Alyssa Ellman didn’t quite go as planned Married at first sight, fans are now excited as Chris confirms that he is happy in his new relationship. The burning question on everyone’s mind is who is the lucky lady who captured Chris’s heart after his whirlwind 12-day marriage? Let’s unravel the romantic mystery.

A Mismatched Marriage: Chris and Alyssa’s Story

At the age of 35, Chris took to the matrimonial waters when he married 30-year-old Alyssa Ellman on MAFS Season 14 Their wedding seemed like a happy occasion at first, but cracks soon began to show. On the wedding night itself, Alyssa expressed doubts about their compatibility, citing “too many differences”. Even during their honeymoon, Alyssa was reluctant to share an apartment with Chris.

Their on-screen journey was far from smooth, and Alyssa’s reticence was present throughout their short-lived marriage. By the season finale, even relationship experts were urging her to apologize to Chris. The marriage has reached an impasse.

Chris’s joyful revelation

In a wonderful turn of events, Chris took to social media to share the news that he is no longer single and is in fact “very happy”. This revelation pleasantly surprised fans who had been following his journey closely. Moreover, during MAFS reunion, Chris was spotted with co-star Olivia Cornu, sparking curiosity and speculation about their relationship status.

We reached out to Olivia for insight into the situation, and while she couldn’t reveal much before the next episode airs, she did drop a hint. Olivia stated: “Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to talk until the episode is over, but I will say we’re both happy!” Although Chris has not officially confirmed the news, it is clear that he has left his short marriage to Alyssa.

The distance factor

It’s worth noting that Chris lives in Holden, Massachusetts, while Olivia calls New Orleans home. The geographical distance between them is quite significant, raising questions about how their relationship will play out.

Reality Titbit has also reached out to Chris for comment, so stay tuned for further updates.

Fan reaction: Chris and Olivia’s possible romance

When Chris and Olivia were seen together during MAFS reunion, fans couldn’t contain their excitement. Social networks were buzzing with the reactions of viewers who were delighted with this unexpected couple.

One fan took to Twitter and exclaimed: “Wait, wait, wait. DID I JUST SEE CHRIS WITH OLIVIA???” The surprise was palpable on various social platforms, with fans expressing their support for this newfound romance.

Another fan on Twitter shared his excitement, saying: “I know Chris is vibes with Olivia!!! #mafs.” The chemistry between the two contestants was undeniable, and the fans were there for it.

The consensus among viewers was clear: they wholeheartedly embraced Chris and Olivia’s potential romance. One fan summed it up perfectly: “Did you see that #MAFS preview? Chris from Boston dating Olivia from NOLA? Squeeeee! I ship so hard! #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFSBostonReunion.”

As the story of Chris Collette’s love journey continues to unfold, fans eagerly await the next chapter in his quest for lasting happiness.

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