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Mark Antony Box Office Collection Day 5 Vishal Movie Winning Hearts Of Audiences Tsunami Of Earnings At Box Office

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Mark Antony Box Office Collection Day 5: Mark Antony wins the hearts of the audience, tsunami of earnings at the box office

Mark Antony Box Office Collection Day 5: Know how many crores of rupees Mark Antony earned on the 5th day

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  • Mark Antony Box Office Collection Day 5: Mark Antony’s five-day earnings
  • Adhik Ravichandran has directed Mark Antony
  • SJ Surya and Vishal are in Mark Antony

New Delhi:

Mark Antony Box Office Collection Day 5: Jailer had made a big splash in Tamil cinema some time ago. The film has collected approximately Rs 650 crore all over India. Rajinikanth was seen in Jailer and he won a lot of hearts of the fans. But on September 15, another Tamil film was released. His name is Mark Antony. Tamil star Vishal was seen in Mark Antony and he won the hearts of the fans. It has been five days since the film was released and the film has recovered its budget and has become profitable. The work of Vishal and SJ Surya in the film is being liked a lot.

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Vishal’s film Mark Antony is getting a lot of love from the audience. According to Secnilk, Mark Antony has earned Rs 40.30 crore in five days. Mark Antony has earned Rs 8.35 crore at the box office on the first day, Rs 9 crore on the second day, Rs 10.1 crore on the third day, Rs 7.95 crore and Rs 5 crore on the fourth day. In such a situation, the film is expected to cross Rs 50 crore soon.

The budget of Vishal’s Tamil film ‘Mark Antony’ is approximately Rs 28 crores. In this way the film has proved to be a profitable deal in just four days. Mark Antony is a period science fiction action movie. This has been directed by Ravichandran. Mark Antony met Vishal and S.J. Ritu Verma, Selvaraghavan, Sunil and Abhinay are also there along with Surya. Music GV Prakash Kumar has given.

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