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Mark Antony Review: Idea like ‘Loki’, curiosity like a comic book, understand why there is so much buzz about ‘Mark Anthony’ – Mark Antony Review Vishal Sj Surya Sunil K Selvaraghavan Starrer Film Here In Hindi

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Mark Antony Review Vishal SJ Surya Sunil K Selvaraghavan starrer film here in hindi

mark anthony
– Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

Movie Review

mark anthony


Vishal, SJ Suryah, Sunil, K Selvaraghavan, Ritu Varma and MG Abhinay


Adhik Ravichandran, S.J. Arjun and R.Savari Muthu


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the creator

S Vinod Kumar


28 September 2023

Tamil cinema star Vishal’s film ‘Mark Anthony’ has now been released among the Hindi cinema audience. As soon as the film was released, the issue of lakhs of rupees being demanded in lieu of giving censor certificate to the film gained momentum. This film was released in Tamil on 15 September and seeing the tremendous success of the film there, it has now been dubbed and released in Hindi. The film starts off as a time travel, science fiction and fantasy film and then slowly changes tone to become a gangster drama and finally turns into a revenge thriller.

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