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Married twice, mother of 3 children, the condition of the famous actress deteriorated at the age of 51, she was forced to walk with the help of a stick.

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New Delhi. There are many TV stars who worked in films and then stayed there. There are some stars who worked in films but did not leave TV either. The actress we are going to talk about today is also one of those actresses who worked in many hit films but did not let go of her connection with TV. The mother of 3 children, who even today people are unable to guess her age, is forced to walk with the help of a stick for the last 2 years, this actress is Tanaaz Irani.

Actress Tanaaz Irani, who has turned 51, still looks like a teenager to her fans. Tanaaz is worried about his health for the last few years. The situation is such that at the age of only 51, he has to take the help of a stick. What happened to Tanaaz? Let us tell you…

Tanaaz is suffering from serious injury for 2 yearsAccording to a TOI report, Tanaaz has been facing health challenges for the last two years due to a serious back injury. Because of this he had to take the help of a stick. He told how he faced very difficult times by taking medicines. Recently he realized that the problem was not with his back but in his hip.

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Tanaaz will have hip replacement surgeryTalking about her illness, Tanaaz Irani said that it took me 2 years to cure my illness. This problem is related to my back and knees, I got many MRIs and X-rays done and went from one doctor to another. Where he has been advised to undergo hip replacement surgery, which is going to happen in a few days.

The actress is ready for surgeryThe actress said that I am nervous but also excited. I have always been a positive woman and I am ready for the surgery. Tanaaz says that she longs to get back to her normal state. Referring to her daughter, she said, ‘My daughter shared an old video of me running with shopping bags in London a few years ago and wrote to me, ‘This was when mummy could run and walk.’ I couldn’t hold back my tears as they saw me limping around the house ever since.

Tanaaz is eager to workTanaaz Irani is currently shooting for 2 shows – ‘Barsaatein’ and ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’. He told that the makers are helping him in this. The actress said, ‘As soon as I am able to walk, I will resume work, even if I need a stick or a walker. Because it is important to heal from within, that is because the pain we endure is often emotional.

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Met Bakhtiyar Irani after divorceLet us tell you that Tanaaz’s first marriage was with Farid Kurim. He had a daughter from this marriage. Tanaaz became a mother for the first time at the age of just 20. After divorce, Tanaaz entered the world of TV and films. Bakhtiyar Irani came into Tanaaz’s life in 2006 when both were shooting for Gurukul. Both of them got married in 2007. He has two children from this marriage, Zeus and Zara. Whereas, elder daughter Jaini lives with her father, but she also often comes to meet Tanaaz.


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