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Meet the You, Me and My Ex season 2 cast including ex-Love Island star

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The intriguing reality show “You, Me and My Ex” returns for its second season on TLC, bringing a mix of familiar faces and fresh dynamics. Unlike typical relationships, these couples have their ex-partners actively involved. Let’s dive into this season’s cast and discover unique relationships that promise drama and surprises.

Caroline, Alex and Stephen: a complex trio:

Caroline, Alex and Stephen, familiar from the first season, return. Caroline and Alex, now married, share a special bond. Stephen, Alex’s ex, adds a complicated layer to their dynamic. As Caroline and Alex continue to grow closer, they walk carefully around Stephen, revealing the complexities of their relationship.

Josh, Jennifer, Danielle and Chantel: Unraveling the Complicated Web:

This season brings back Josh, Jennifer, Danielle and Chantel, a quartet with intertwined stories. Jennifer, Josh’s ex-wife, holds the title of “baby mama #1.” Danielle, the current wife, is recognized as “mom number 2”. Surprisingly, Chantel, now married to Jennifer, completes this unconventional equation.

The story goes back to Josh and Jennifer’s five-year marriage, after which Jennifer realized her attraction to women, which led to her romance with Chantel. They embarked on the journey of parenthood together, including Josh in a unique way. Their decision to live together promises viewers an intriguing turn of events.

Matt, Kenzie and Chelsea: Navigating the Delicate Balance:

Introducing a new dynamic, we meet Matt, Kenzie and Chelsea. Matt’s current girlfriend, Kenzie, finds herself sharing living space with Chelsea, Matt’s ex-girlfriend. As seen in the trailer, the tension rises when compliments are exchanged, shedding light on the complexities of their coexistence.

De’Andre, Elodie and Rowan: Love and Relationships from Past to Present:

Reality TV fans may recognize De’Andre from the second season of Love Island. Now he finds himself in a different kind of love triangle. His ex-girlfriend, Rowan, remains an integral part of his life, with whom he even shares a beloved pet bunny named Muffin. As the season progresses, it becomes clear that their shared history and constant closeness bring both comfort and challenges.


“You, Me and My Ex” season 2 promises a fresh wave of intriguing relationships, where exes play significant roles in the lives of the couples shown. With returning favorites and new faces, viewers can expect a mix of emotion, complexity and unexpected twists. As the season progresses, audiences will witness the resilience, conflicts, and shared bonds that define these unique relationships. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of love, exes and everything in between!

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