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Megastar worsened the condition of Roman Reigns, former champion defeated John Cena

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SmackDown: An excellent episode of WWE SmackDown was seen this week. Some great matches were seen in this episode of SmackDown. Megastar worsened the condition of Roman Reigns in the blue brand. At the same time, the former champion attacked John Cena and knocked him down. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the results of WWE SmackDown this week.

Contract signing segment between Roman Reigns and LA Knight at the beginning of WWE SmackDown

– Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns entered the arena with Paul Heyman. Just then LA Knight’s entrance music played and he came into the ring before Reigns and sat on his chair. Roman also came to the ring and SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis was also present there. Knight did not delay much in signing the contract. After this, Tribal Chief taunted the Megastar and called him an idiot and he took a pen from Paul Heyman and signed the contract. LA Knight declared himself the head of the table and asked Roman Reigns to acknowledge him. Knight also claimed to win the title from Tribal Chief and taunted him fiercely. After this, Roman Reigns got angry and attacked L.A. after throwing a table on him. Soon, the Megastar fought back and made Roman’s condition worse. After this, Jimmy Uso attacked LA Knight but soon Knight taught him a lesson by throwing Jimmy on the table.

Street Profits vs Santos Escobar & Carlito in WWE SmackDown

– Santos Escobar & Carlito faced the Street Profits in a tag team match. Santos and Angelo Dawkins started the match. Escobar tagged Carlito after gaining control of the match. The veteran also dominated Dawkins after coming into the ring. Soon, Angelo took advantage of Carlito’s argument with Bobby Lashley and attacked him. Rey Mysterio was keeping an eye on this match from backstage and then Logan Paul attacked him strongly. After this, at the request of Santos Escobar, Carlito went backstage to check Rey. The Street Profits took advantage of Santos being alone in the match and ultimately won the match by pinning him with Revelation.

Winner: Street Profits.

, Paul Heyman showed the replica title belt to Roman Reigns backstage and said that he was going to give it to LA Knight. Jimmy Uso arrived and Roman asked him to handle Knight. Paul Heyman soon went to book the Jimmy Uso vs LA Night match.

– Cathy Kelly tried to ask Logan Paul about attacking Rey Mysterio but he left without answering. After this, Kevin Owens appeared and his debate with Austin Theory & Grayson Waller was seen. Owens attacked both the superstars and destroyed them.

– Backstage, Cedric Alexander set up a match against Dragon Lee.

Chelsea Green vs Shotzi in WWE SmackDown

– Chelsea Green faced Shotzi in a singles match. In this match, these two superstars gave a lot of competition to each other. In the end, Chelsea gave Shotzi a dropkick after delivering a superplex. After this, Green tried to pin his opponent but Shotzi countered the pin and won the match by pinning the heel superstar.

Winner: Shotzi.

John Cena’s segment in WWE SmackDown

While giving a promo, John Cena described today as a special day. After this, while talking about the fans, he praised them a lot and the crowd present in the arena also gave him tremendous support. Soon, Cena talked about Crown Jewel and said that it is important for him to win this event. After this, Paul Heyman interfered in his segment and he came into the ring and shook hands with John. Paul talked about drafting John Cena to SmackDown in 2002. Heyman said that Cena’s defeat against Roman Reigns made it clear that he is not the greatest in-ring performer. After this, Paul Heyman described Solo Sequoia as different from Roman Reigns & Jimmy Uso and said that John Cena would not be able to talk after Sequoia gave him a Samoan spike. The legend claimed that Cena would not be able to defeat Solo at Crown Jewel. After this, Sequoia came there and after giving a spinning solo to John, the former North American Champion defeated him with a Samoan spike.

Dragon Lee vs Cedric Alexander in WWE SmackDown

– Dragon Lee’s match against Cedric Alexander was seen. This proved to be a tremendous match and in this match both these superstars used their best moves against each other. In the end, both of them started trying to pin each other. Dragon then attacked Cedric’s spine with his knee. Soon after, Lee pinned Alexander with an inverted DDT to win the match.

Winner: Dragon Lee.

Bianca Blair’s segment in WWE SmackDown

– While giving a promo, Bianca Blair talked about the cash in at SummerSlam and the attack by backstage damage control in an episode of SmackDown. Bianca described herself as stronger than before and said that she has returned for revenge in SmackDown. Soon, Blair revealed that she would be getting a chance to compete in a WWE Women’s Championship match against Io Sky at Crown Jewel. Along with this, he also talked about fighting the match against Bailey next week.

, Damage Control appeared worried backstage after Bianca Blair’s announcement.

Jimmy Uso vs LA Knight in the main event of WWE SmackDown

– After the start of the match, Jimmy Uso caught LA ​​Knight in a headlock and soon made a shoulder attack on him. After some time, Knight returned to the match. He suplexed Jimmy and also pinned Uso into submission. Even after this, the fierce competition between these two superstars continued and both the superstars were not ready to accept defeat easily. In the end, Jimmy Uso pinned LA Knight from the top rope by hitting the Uso Splash but Knight kicked out. Uso once again tried to give his move from the top rope but this time Megastar gave him a suplex. Soon, the babyface star won the match by pinning Roman Reigns’ brother with a BFT move. After the match, when LA Knight was celebrating his victory, Roman tried to attack him but Knight made Reigns worse by giving him a BFT.

Winner: LA Knight

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